‘An Enlightened State’: Your One Past Regret (And How You Would Handle It Today)–Response Req’d

Pondering greatness
Pondering greatness

*We all have at least one regret.

Perhaps it is that guy or girl we left behind; that job we should never have quit (or taken); that investment we should have made; that fight we should have avoided; that partner we should not have slept with; that night/day we wish never happened; that loan we should never have taken out (or given).

Oh, in hindsight we lament, ‘if only I had listened to my first mind’…If only I hadn’t left her/him in the car (the house). If only I hadn’t signed that contract. If only I had trusted myself and taken that leap of faith.

If only. If only. If only. Don’t stop there. You’ve got wisdom to share. Read on…

Don’t listen to the naysayers. They are short-sighted. To speak on these things now doesn’t mean you are being Negative. Ungrateful. Weak.

Instead, it means that you have grown up. You have now given yourself permission to be: Reflective. Honest. Realistic. Thoughtful. Meditative. Transparent.

You are no longer trying to impress anyone. You got real with yourself a long time ago. You don’t begrudge your life. You are now at the Giving stage.

Granted, you are no “spring chicken.” No neophyte. You’ve been through (and surmounted) some deep do-doo and you dare anyone to judge you!

Yes, my hero, you are resilient and resourceful.

You have reached a certain level of peace in your soul, and now, you feel free to release your truth in an effort to assist those coming behind you. You are cleansing yourself, renewing your spirit, and continuing on your journey…Because after all is said and done, you’re not ready to sit in some rocking chair and call it a day.

You don’t want anyone to “get it twisted.” Wink. Wink.

So I repeat the question: What is your one regret from the past and how would you fix it today?

What wisdom would you impart to your younger self?

Send your response (150 words or less) to “[email protected]” no later than 7p.m. PST Wednesday, January 29, 2014. You can use your real name, a hashtag, or some other identification as the important thing is the message you convey (Just keep it respectful please).

“An Enlightened State” is a new, weekly, EURThisNThat series designed to recognize growth (enlightenment); encourage the sharing of life lessons (wisdom); and inspire a continued, passionate journey towards happiness. The most thoughtful responses will be featured in next week’s EURThisNThat (where a new topic will be presented.)

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