ASU Frat Students…Overt Racism MLK Party or Misfits Seeking Attention (Video)

MLK Frat Party

*Seriously young idiots? Surely you knew this would get you suspended. Why not just take the time off yourselves.

Sometimes I just have to say the first thing that comes to my mind, you know? I can do that with a blog. But seriously, what else would motivate a group of students to do something so idiotic, unless they were actually trying to get suspended; or in desperate need for attention.

This apparently lonely group of what might actually be misfits who attend Arizona State University, decided to celebrate the birthday of the most famous civil rights advocate in their own special way. By throwing a frat party celebrating exactly what Dr. King fought against: racism.

The unregistered party was hosted by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, who dubbed it an “MLK Black Party,” according to CBS5. Attendees wore basketball jerseys, drank from cups made out of watermelons and flashed gang signs for the camera.

And what purpose would any of this serve if they didn’t post the pictures on social media?

Attendees included the following hashtags on their Instagram posts:


Wait! It just dawned on me because, after all, this is how ignorance works: Do you think by any slim stretch of the imagination, these students actually believed what they were doing was in the right?Think about it: These kids probably know very little about MLK, if anything at all.

A second look at the hashtags (especially the first one) suggests I might be on to something. Ignorance IS bliss, you know.

I’m going to keep an ear open in the event some of their excuses pop up on the net.

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin, an area civil rights activist, told KTAR that he was alerted to the party by a black invitee who said guests were instructed to “dress like black people.”

They “invited” black people to a racist party?

I’m dying to hear your theory, ThisNThat readers.

In the meantime, there’s an UPDATE from Arizona State University. Read it and more of the story at Huffington Post.

2 thoughts on “ASU Frat Students…Overt Racism MLK Party or Misfits Seeking Attention (Video)”

  1. Somethings change, somethings stay the same. I vividly remember this fraternity when I was a student/basketball player at Colorado State University back in the day. As an African-American I was told that the white players were invited to the frat parties, but me and my kind weren’t. On a bssketball recruiting trip to Cornell University, I roomed with a white fraternity. They planned a party that weekend and were so affraid that I’d dance with a white girl that they took me into Ithaca to find a Black lady in a bar twice my age to be my date. I refused the date but didn’t disrespect the lady. They regarded her as trash I could dance with, I saw her as my sibling who just happened to be in a bar that night.

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