Sexual Abuser of Former Teen Caught Red-Handed on YouTube

Jaime Carrillo*YouTube, when used correctly, can be an amazing tool, as one California woman can attest to.

Jaime Carrillo, now a mother of two, used YouTube recently to snare the woman who sexually abused her when she was 12-years-old. Carrillo learned that the woman, who was once her basketball coach, had now been promoted to assistant principal. She called the principal, confronted her and caught the whole conversation on video.

“Everything was stolen from me,” Jaime Carrillo, now a mother of two, told KTLA5 as she choked back tears. “I want her to be in jail and to pay for what she’s done.”

Carrillo, 28, has come forward to expose a relationship Andrea Cardosa allegedly started when the girl was just 12 — and stretched throughout her teenage years, according to reports.

During the call, Carrillo’s voice remains controlled, though she becomes more and more agitated and emotional as the conversation continues. Like daggers, she throws her recollections of abuse at Cardosa on the other end of the line, who admits fully to everything.

Later that day, following the airing of the YouTube video and an interview with the school administrators, Andrea Cardosa quietly resigned.

Andrea CordosaAlhambra High School said in a statement obtained by The News that her resignation came after officials saw the YouTube video and confronted her about its disturbing allegations on January 17.

“At the conclusion of that interview the Alhambra High School administrator tendered her resignation,” the school said. “Alhambra Police department will be handing this matter over to the jurisdiction of the appropriate police Department.”

In this photo,a teenaged  Jamie poses with former basketball coach, Andrea Cordosa
In this photo,a teenaged Jaime poses with former basketball coach, Andrea Cardosa

Though Jaime’s attorney’s are pursuing the possibility of a civil or criminal suit, a Statue of Limitations may already be in effect.

Watch the YouTube video directly below.

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