AUDACIOUS: Russian Magazine Editor Publishes Pic of Her Propped on ‘Black Woman Chair’

o-DASHA-ZHUKOVA-570 *Well you just don’t know who to check on something like this: Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Dasha Zhukova, the heiress who published the photo of herself propped upon a chair where a half-naked and bound black woman is its base, or the artist who created the chair in the first place. Does it ever cease to amaze you that people like Zhukova appear “surprised” when the enormous backlash hits? Have they learned nothing about racism and what it actually looks like after all these years? Apparently not. Either way, this was one of the most stupid, ignorant, irresponsible and racist things to create and publish…and to do so on the holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr. is more than appalling. To add  insult to injury, Zhukova “apologized” for the feature after Twitter users blasted her. She says that “she personally” did not mean to offend anybody. She loves everybody, and is not a racist, yaddy, yaddy, yah. Seriously woman? And this “apology” is supposed to appease who? The artist, Allen Jones, who also created a chair “featuring” a white woman, obviously has a flair for objectifying women allen-jones-stripper-chairJones defends his art in this way according to a catalog entry in

With reference to his work in general, a  slightly modified statement quoted by Livingstone, op.cit. from Allen Jones states:

‘ The erotic impulse transcends cerebral barriers and demands a direct emotional response. Confronted with an abstract statement people readily defer to an expert; but confronted with an erotic statement everyone is an expert. It seems to me a democratic idea that art should be accessible to everyone on some level, and eroticism in one such level’.

Jones considers the ‘Chair’ sculpture amongst “the most radical statements” that he has made.

According to Sotheby’s sale catalogue the Tate cast is number 6.

Read more of the story at Huff Post  Black Voices

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