HIV-Infected Student Tapes Self Having Unprotected Sex at Least 31x (Video)

HIV-positive himself, Michael Johnson knowingly exposed his sexual partners to HIV
HIV-positive Michael Johnson was known as Tiger Johnson on Facebook

*Michael Johnson, a former student of Lindenwood University, has been accused of knowingly exposing more than 30 of his sexual partners to HIV. Last week, investigators found a laptop full of sex tapes, covertly-filmed by Johnson, dating back to his days as a student.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports Johnson, a former member of the Lindenwood wrestling team, was originally arrested and charged with having knowingly spread the virus to one other partner in October 2013. In November, four other partners came forward, resulting in four additional felony charges filed against Johnson.

According to The Riverfront Times, Johnson, 21, operated under the alter-ego “Tiger Mandingo” in online profiles.

“It’s safe to safe that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture,” Tim Lohmar, the St. Charles County prosecutor, told KMOV.

The police are asking anyone who had sex with Johnson to please contact the St. Charles Detective Bureau, adding, “It’s a matter of not only their individual safety, but public safety as well.”

Authorities say the case is particularly challenging because many are afraid to come forward due to family and career concerns.

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