Doctors Say ‘Red’ Toilet Paper Can Disguise Cancer Sign


*The first time I ever heard of red toilet paper was just a few days ago, when a rumor surfaced on the Internet that claimed really big star insisted on having only “it” in her dressing room. If the rumor is true, I sure hope that really big star reads this.

Doctors are saying your red TP could be hiding some really serious signs of cancer…or not. On the one hand they fear the ink from the toilet paper will get in the commode and freak you out, making you believe that what you see is blood and vice versa. 

Moreover, they are concerned and think its irresponsible that the designer of the toilet paper obviously didn’t think of this.

At stake is a possible colon-cancer diagnosis.

“Those patients bleeding will miss real blood, and those not bleeding will report ‘blood’ in the toilet mistakenly,” colorectal surgeon Guy Nash tells LiveScience.

“In my view, it is irresponsible of the makers to have not considered this,” he said.

But not all professionals are on board with this diagnosis, read more here.



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