Radio Host Arrested for “Liking” Woman’s Facebook Post

Thaddeus Matthews, arrested for FB like

*We all do it at one time or another. Click “Like” on Facebook if we see something we, well, like.

But we’re not radio host  Thaddeus Matthews, and we didn’t “Like” a video posted by a former lover who had placed a restraining order against us. Therein lies the difference.To assume Towonna Murphy wasn’t the least bit impressed when Matthews showed appreciation for a video she had posted would be an understatement. In fact, she was so unimpressed, that she showed the authorities multiple screenshots of Matthews’ Facebook Like, and had him arrested and charged with the violation of a court order according to Radio Ink.

Matthews has since been released on $1,000 bail.

Come to find out, this isn’t Matthews first go ’round with the law. He is said to have had some problems with them last year after he posted video showing child pornography. Wonder if that had anything to do with the split from Murphy and her court order against him?

Read more at The Daily Caller.

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