‘Hey, Got A Dirty Diaper This Woman Can Suck On?’ (Watch Keyshia Get Her Fix!)

my-strange-addiction-keyshia-tlc*We’ve heard of people having some really strange addictions, but this one truly takes the cake.

Keyshia was a prime candidate for the January 15 episode of the TLC show “My Strange Addiction.” At 22 years old she has developed what we can rightfully assume is an acquired taste: she gets her kicks by sucking on diapers soaked with pee.

She says she developed a taste for pee-pee in 2011 and by now she guesses she has sucked on at least 25,000 diapers. In other words, enough diapers for the lives of six babies.

Now, if I’m being perfectly transparent here, my first thought (right behind “Eeeuuu!”) was “OMG! And she kisses people with that mouth?”

Well, the answer to that question is, “Yeah, she does.” In fact, I suspect she uses it to kiss Jerome, her fiancé. Jerome gets frustrated with her more and more each day. He says that she leaves the diapers lying around everywhere – even inside of dishes; and his complaints to her fall on deaf ears. In fact, sometimes Keyshia gets so desperate for a fix that she will look in the garbage for a diaper, and even take dirty diapers from friends, family, and strangers.

The girl even stores diapers in her purse…Probably using a baggie to keep ’em wet!

And the more pee there is in the diaper, the better it is! Keyshia says she loves the smell of it. She said that she even sucks on one while she is cooking in the kitchen, as if it were her favorite pastime!

Dirty diaper

In this episode of the show, we see Keyshia near tears as she begs a frustrated Jerome for “one last suck” on the diaper.

What on earth does one make of this strange addiction? There has yet to be a diagnosis given for how something like this can even happen.

And Jerome, who obviously didn’t ask the right questions before getting involved with this girl (or maybe he did and thought he could change her!) has even more reason to be concerned now because Keyshia is pregnant with their first child.

Hmmm…motive? A fresh and steady diaper supply!

Watch as Keyshia explains herself on the video below.

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