‘Haters’ Pounce on Proud African American Dad in Photo W/ Interracial Kids

Daddy Blogger, Racist Attack Viral Pic*So many of us ask if the ill race-relations in this country will ever be a thing of the past. I’d like to think so, but with stories like this, I know its going to take a l-o-n-g time.

When “Daddy Blogger” Doyin Richards posted a picture of himself fixing his young daughter’s hair, he was proudly and playfully  letting his wife (who had said it was a task he couldn’t do) know that she was wrong!

Richards’ spends a lot of time rejoicing in fatherhood, and blogs about it on his website, Daddy Doin’ Work: Adventures of a First-Time Father Raising His Daughters.

Last October, Doyin (pronounced doe-WEEN), 39, even took a month off from his day job to bond with his newborn. This was when he decided to snap the cute selfie of him styling his three-year-old’s hair — while his little one rested comfortably in a Baby Björn.

Oh did he have proof now for wife, Mariko! Proof that he was “The Man!” doing his daughter’s hair, and he told her he could.

“After 15 minutes of multitasking, the final result was a nice, tight ponytail for big sister and a happily sleeping baby in the carrier. Mission accomplished,” he wrote in the blog post. “I emailed the photo to her with the caption ‘Boom!’ and we both got a good laugh out of it.”

Yes, a good laugh followed by so much more.

When the photo was reposted late last month on social networking sites it quickly went viral, and that’s when all Hell broke loose.

This story continues at Gawker.com.


2 thoughts on “‘Haters’ Pounce on Proud African American Dad in Photo W/ Interracial Kids”

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