#don’tshootthemessenger: Women, Are You Bold Enough to ‘Please Yourself’ for Money?

Masturbation*Don’t judge me too harshly, I’m a writer with a feeling my publisher sent this to me because he thinks I’m too chicken-sh*t to write it up.

I’ll show ’em. 🙂

We found this group of folks in the San Francisco Bay Area with some money they want to give away to some straight up freaks…Oops! Does that sound judgmental?

I’m open to suggestions for other names you’d use for someone who would actually do this publicly.

They position their “Ad” like this:

Do you like to caress the crease? Paddle the pink canoe? Knead the love muffin? Flick through the furry purse? Consider yourself pretty chummy with Dildo Baggins? With an aim to get “takers” for what they call a new science project dubbed Masters of Sex: Tumblr Edition.

Last week they placed their “casting call” out over the interwebs; where “a small team of sex-positive feminist media makers” were recruiting “real, diverse, confident women, who will be very comfortable being interviewed on camera about masturbation.”

In return, (in addition to being a part of science), you’d be compensated at $1000 per day for either a one or two day interview and shoot, plus a flight to San Francisco and a 4-star hotel for two nights if you’re not a local. Non-porn stars aged 21 to 99 are invited to apply.

“There’s a lot of curiosity about sex, so why is it so hard to find realistic and detailed portrayals of how women actually like to be touched?” reads the ad. “This information is simply too important to be hidden by taboo and distorted by pornography. We’re setting the record straight.” The project aims to show what women really like down there, ways to communicate it, and that different women like different things.

Now before you go justifying this in your mind; thinking you only have to know how to talk a good game…Fuggitaboutit! You actually have to DEMONSTRATE TO THE CAMERAS, exactly how, you go about buffing your own bonnet. But hey, it’s all in the name of science RIGHT?

Hell, the challenge to write this up wasn’t bad, but if you could see how red my face is right now as I “speculate” about the girlfriends who might actually answer the call. Good luck! (I think).

Meg Ryan wants to give you a little motivation (Courtesy of Film: “When Harry Met Sally”).

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