Yikes! UberX Price Cuts Making the Traditional Taxi Very Nervous!

uberx-price-cut*You do Uber, don’t you? You know, the app-based, on-demand car service that touts the motto “We’re everyone’s private driver!”

According to KATU.com, all you need to do to go Uber is,

Download and open the Uber app on your smartphone, use the GPS to find your exact location and hit “request car.”

Generally, within minutes, a driver shows up on the corner to pick you up. When your trip ends, the payment is automatically charged to your account.


So now that you know what Uber is, listen to what they’ve done.

Slashed their prices anywhere between 2 and 30 percent. As you can imagine, this does not sit well with our taxi cab drivers.

According to Forbes, Uber is rated among its Top 13 startups of the year. They say the company has become popular with everyone from drunk college kids to over-tired soccer moms.

And in August, AllThingsD said Uber had a $3.5 billion valuation with the largest backing coming from private equity giant TPG and Google Ventures.

The price cuts will specifically target the UberX service, which is not available everywhere, and affect only 16 of the 23 major cities where the service is available. (Via WJLA)

A change in getting around the city is a-comin, if Uber has its say. Read more here.




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