Men: Here’s 3 Ways to Defend Yourself Against False Rape Accusations

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*I’m not a man, but I can bet that there is nothing worse than being falsely accused of a sexual crime. So many times we hear of men being accused of rape or pedophilia; and there is always that little voice in the back of my mind that asks, “But what if he didn’t do it? How could he prove this? Rape has got to be one of the hardest crimes for any man to defend himself against. But the situation is not hopeless. And while we don’t purport to know how a man can avoid being falsely accused, there are ways he can strengthen his chances of proving his innocence.

According to an article by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” in, statistically speaking, false rαpe accusations are rare (2-8 percent), [but] it’s still something men should be aware of and not take lightly. They mention the case of Brian Banks, and the terror men face when they’ve been falsely accused of rαping someone.

Of course there is no sure way to avoid this situation,yet  there are things that you can do to strengthen your chances of proving your innocence including:

  1. Don’t have sεx with a woman unless you’re sober and she’s sober. Time and time again, college athletes have found themselves missing out on million-dollar athletic contracts because they’ve gone to a party and slept with an inebriated young lady who woke up the next morning accusing him of rαping her. The problem is, most of these suspects (and victims) can’t prove what actually happened because both of them were too drunk. The best way to avoid this situation is to have sober, consensual sεx with a sober woman.
  2. Don’t have sεx with women you don’t know or trust. If you’ve met a random woman and found yourself having sεx with her a few hours later, chances are you don’t know her — no matter how stimulating the two hour conversation was before the two of you got tangled in bed. Having sεx with a woman you haven’t built a rapport with is risky on many levels, but for the sake of this conversation, the risk is not knowing her well enough to know her mental state. Was she drunk when you were talking to her? Not everyone is visibly intoxicated. Does she have a severe, untreated mental illness? She may act irrationally and blame others for her actions. Does she have a motive? Perhaps you are a “good catch” and she’s leeching herself to you in hopes of attaining something. While you’ll never know a person 100 percent, spending time with them over a course of 30-90 days before engaging in intimacy will help you get a sense of their character.

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