Toddler Swearing in Gangsta Video Now in Protective Custody

Swearing Toddler

*Can we be real for a moment?

No matter what form of prayer you practice, or who you pray it to, this is the type of news that will test you.

A video on the website of a police union shows an African-American boy wearing only a diaper being accosted with racial slurs and obscenities from at least three off-camera adults. The child responds to them with profanities of his own and gives them the finger at one point.

The kid can’t be more than 3-years-old; and the family — or whomever is egging him on, apparently thinks its cute.

In a news release, police said that four children, including the toddler from the video, have been removed from the home.

But get this: the kid wasn’t removed because the police found anything in the video improper; the kid was removed after they found “other” safety concerns upon further investigation.

The union has been criticized for posting the video on its website. But Union officials say they wanted to stimulate a discussion about problems in the community and show what officers encounter.

Hmm, couldn’t they have found another way to do this than have that poor child subjected to ridicule?

Some critics believe so.

The union, who stands by its decision to post the video because of “the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in,” said it found the video on a known local gang member’s Facebook page. The video has been viewed several thousand times and remains available at the union’s website.

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