‘I’d F*ck Her’ Comment Gets Fox News Reporter Fired

Fox reporter, vulgar on-air

*Stupidity, carelessness and vulgarity apparently go hand in hand for this jackass.

An unidentified Fox field news reporter thought he was off the air when he went into a litany of colorful things he would do to a missing 20-year-old girl once she was found.

The reporter told a producer, “I would f**k her. I don’t care if she’s 20. I would f**k her right in the p***y. You can’t say you wouldn’t f*ck her!”

Cut to the embarrassed in-studio news anchor, who immediately apologized for the news reporter’s disrespectful comments saying,

“We definitely apologize for that editing error in that story, we are going to switch gears now…”

The sites posting the clip contain information about the missing woman (who was found later that day), but not about that unlucky reporter.

Now switch to the fact that some people out there are truly bored. They took what was a real story (about a missing woman) and made a fake video. Do you notice the reporter, even though he’s local, is using a microphone with no station logo on it? Add to that what appears to be an earbud from an iPod as his earpiece?

That’s because the video is a fairly good-looking fake. The faux “reporter” has been edited together with a real news clip, of Spokane anchor Kjerstin Ramsing apologizing for a real bit of f-bombing by reporter Linsday Nadrich.

Check out the fake video below.

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