‘How Stupid Do I Look Now?’ Woman Sues Cheating Husband for $10mil


Candice Feinberg's dad invented seamless panties.
Candice Feinberg’s dad invented seamless panties.

*He told her he needed her trust fund money to save his ass from gambling debts. She found out that was a damn lie.

New York underwear heiress, Candice Feinberg, is suing her husband Steven Lalicata, claiming that he conned her into giving him $744,000 to repay gambling debts; but he actually spent the money on his mistress.

Married in 2011, the 39-year-old billionaire-to-be, said her husbanded persuaded her to give him her trust fund money because he was in trouble with members of organized crime. You can imagine how pissed she was when she learned he’d been spending her money on his “new woman.”

Feinberg says that Lalicata even went so far as to convince his cousins to lie for him and back up his story when she spoke with them.

The daughter of Herbert Feinberg, who is credited with inventing seamless panties, became suspicious of her husband’s activities so she hired a private detective to follow him.

The lawsuit was filed in 2012, but it just recently became known to the media.

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