A Parental Embarrassment: Kids In-Store Scuffle With Mama (Video)


*Whoa. This will put your stomach in a knot, especially as a parent.

And a shopper and onlooker caught it all on tape – even adding commentary at times.

One New York City supermarket had some activity they will probably not soon forget. Then again, we are talking about New York, so this is probably just another day in the neighborhood.

The video starts out calmly enough; with an onlooker noticing how a woman is ignoring the fact that her kids are running around the fruit section eating at will while she shops.

The “commentator” eventually goes up to her and brings her attention to it. She, in turn, suddenly appears to notice what her kids are doing and confronts them.

This is where it gets ugly.

And quite frankly, surprising, as African American kids rarely, if ever, behave the way these children do.

As the scene escalates, we see the boy snatch off his mother’s wig. A man intercepts (in an attempt to help the woman, who has now gone berserk and attracted the stores’ attention). I don’t know if he is the original commentator and someone took over filming or what.

Then the daughter joins in.

It’s a heartbreaking and embarrassing situation. We’ve seen young kids have their temper tandrums; but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

If I’m being completely honest here, my emotional side says they need a good ass whuppin’…But my more logical side reminds me that violence begets violence; and it never solves anything. Actually, that is most likely what motivates these kids’ actions in the first place.

SMH. No judgment here – just can’t help but wonder where did this poor family go wrong?

How would YOU have handled this situation. Think first. Really put yourself in this parent’s position, don’t just answer by judging.

Here’s the video.


4 thoughts on “A Parental Embarrassment: Kids In-Store Scuffle With Mama (Video)”

  1. They should have taken the KIDS out the store NOT the mother.. the mother would have followed the kids out the store. Management was DUMB to touch the mother.. the KIDS should have been TAKEN out the store with the mother’s permission. I betcha when the kids got home, the mother beat them like there was no tommorrow. OUR PEOPLE we can’t go nowhere without acting like monkeys. My kids know better I will whop them until I see the white meat if they pull something like that..

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