Our Four-Legged Friends ‘Align Themselves’ Before They Poop

Dog and Earth Axis

*Ever wondered why your dog seemed to do a little dance before he or she pooped.

No really. The dog doesn’t just squat…It’s almost as if, they have to walk in a circle first; like they’re trying to find the exact spot to go.

Well, there’s a reason for that.

Your little boo-boo is operating off of an “inner compass,” the same mechanism that allows him to find his way home.

As it turns out, dogs align their body axis according to Earth’s magnetic field when they squat to poop. And this behavior changes when the magnetic field is unstable.

According to German and Czech researchers studying this very thing – squatting dogs doing their business – they tend to do so along a north-south axis, if the earth’s magnetic field is stable at the time.

And no matter the breed, there was no notable difference in magneto-sensitivity; the breeds ranged from a tiny Yorkshire terrier to a large St Bernard, said team member Dr Sabine Begall of Germany’s Duisburg-Essen University.

“We found that the dogs are wonderfully aligned north-to-south — somewhat more so when they defecate than when they urinate — but only when the magnetic field is stable,” Begall told AFP.

Isn’t that amazing! Oh the things that excite me.

The findings are another clue that animals can sense electromagnetic waves not noticed by humans, and that dogs, aside from their sharp senses of hearing and smell, also have a “magnetic sense”.

Hmm. Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that dogs appear to sense oncoming earthquakes.

“There are anecdotal reports that dogs find their way home over hundreds of kilometers (miles), and an explanation may be that they use the Earth’s magnetic field for their orientation,” Begall said. And he admits that exactly what is going on inside a dog’s head when he poops is “pure speculation” for now.

It may be that dogs take stock of where they are, the same way a hiker will orient a map northward, and that they can’t do this when high electromagnetic activity makes their “compass needle vibrate”.

On the other hand, she said, it is possible that, when dogs feeling the urge to relieve themselves sense a stable and comforting north-south polarity, “they are especially relaxed”.

The study was published in the journal, Frontiers in Zoology, the 10-member Czech and German research team asked 37 dog owners equipped with compasses over two years to record which way their total of 70 furry friends faced when they relieve themselves.

Initially, the scientists crunched the data from over 7,000 such events but found no clear trend.

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