‘Detective of the Year’ Guilty of Secretly Filming Family Member


*As you know, “dogs” come in all shapes and sizes. But I don’t want to offend the animal species, ’cause we’re talking human right now.

Officials say Keith Tabron used two hidden cameras to tape an adult family member who had hit hard times and come to live with him. It happened over a nine-month period that ended in the summer of last year.

And get this: Tabron is a former “Detective of the Year” who is a 23-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Dept. according to WJLA in Md.

They say dude hid two cameras, one in the basement where the female family member slept; and another was pointed at the shower in an upstairs bathroom. One even had a cord that led straight to Tabron’s home office.

It was the victim who eventually found both cameras.

The detective has plead guilty.

 “It’s unfortunate that not only was it a young woman, but it was a family member as well,” says Jeff Ragsdale of D.C.

“For somebody to patrol these neighborhoods and pretend to care about what goes on around here and do things like that inside their own home, it’s sad,” Ragsdale says.

Get MORE of this story at WJLA TV.

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  1. This dude is a nasty pervert. He need to be exposed, good thing the relative figured out what he was up to before he actually forced himself on her.

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