‘Price Is Right’ Awards Historic Win: A Car Worth $157,000!

This car is worth $157K baby!!!
This car is worth $157K baby!!!

*It was a sight to behold. Everyone dreams of a big win in the lottery or on a TV show, and on Friday, many of us lived our dream through Sheree Heil, who could hardly contain herself as “Price Is Right” show host, Drew Carey, announced she had won an Audi R8 Spyder Quattro. Heil’s black convertible is worth $157,300!

The audience went wild.

The starting price for an Audi R8 is $114,900, and features include automatic climate control, automatic windshield wipers and headlights, six-CD changer, parking system with rear view camera and much more.

Heil’s win signals the biggest in daytime “Price Is Right” history; and the long-running game show tweeted on Monday that the contestant had won the car and was the shows’ biggest winner.

Heil won her new car playing Gas Money. The game that gives players the chance to win a vehicle plus  $10,000 cash – which Heil also snagged. As host Drew Carey announced that she was victorious, Heil, who is from Tacoma, Wash., screamed and ran a circle around the stage, stopping to give the model a big hug before jumping with joy and then hopping into her expensive new ride.

Though congratulations is definitely in order, I can’t help but wonder if once the $10,000 is gone – of course it’ll be less after taxes – will she be able to afford to keep the car?

According to IMDb.com, the previous record holder was Vickyann Chrobak-Sadowski, who won $147,517 in cash and prizes in season 35’s premiere episode in 2006.

And it appears Friday was a good day for contestants overall on “The Price Is Right.”

As the show pointed out on its Twitter account, every pricing game was won on Monday, and it proved to be an exciting show for fans to watch.

“The Price Is Right” airs weekdays on CBS.

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