Ouch! You Just Birthed A 14-Pound Baby? (Watch)

Baby, 14 pounds

*Ouch! If you’re a woman, you probably get this. And if you’re Nicia McNelley, the woman who just gave birth to a 14 lb. baby boy named Isaiah, you’ve got my respect.

McNelley, 30, had to have a cesarean in order to deliver Isaiah, who arrived one week early, safely. She told the Orlando Sentinel, “It seems like it took them forever to get him out.”

But as the family quickly learned, having a baby this large has its own set of risks.After Isaiah began breastfeeding, he suddenly turned blue and was immediately placed on oxygen, given an IV and then rushed to the neonatal ICU.

His mother did not even get to cuddle with her baby until two days after his birth.

Isaiah’s father, Quinta Johnson (pictured in dreads), was also on hand for the child’s labor and delivery. The newborn is reportedly the couple’s biggest baby thus far; and the second-largest newborn in Florida history. Now with Isaiah, Quinta and Nicia have three children.

According to McNelley, Isaiah is getting stronger with each passing day and he was expected to be released on Christmas Eve, just in time to celebrate his first Christmas with the family in Keystone Heights.

Nicia knows that her child’s heavy weight places him at risk of becoming diabetic in the future. In the meantime, Isaiah is no longer on oxygen and is now thankfully holding his own.

“He’s been our strong boy in holding on and fighting,” said the doting mom. “I really didn’t think he would do this well, but he’s proven me wrong. He’s made me a proud momma for sure.”

Look at this cutie below. Then scroll down to see a video report.

baby, 14 pounds


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