Is There An App for That? You Betcha. Ideas for Your New Christmas Device


*Oh Christmas you’ve come and gone, and I’ve got the gifts to prove it.

My sweetheart gave me a new iPhone. My boss gave me a new iPad. Great gifts indeed, but a new device is only as good as the apps on it.

According to, last Christmas 328 millions apps were downloaded. More gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, Galaxys, Kindle Fires and other devices were activated on December 25 than on any other day in history.

Oh joy!

And nine times out of ten, you knew the answer before the question exited from out of your mouth.

Duh! The answer is “YES!” There’s an app for that! The question is: what app should you choose…and where do you start?

Well, the techies at the Los Angeles Times thought you’d ask that; so they assembled a list of ideas for some great apps you can download. And we at EURThisNThat jumped right on it – for the love of you.

Aren’t we sweet? You can thank us later!

We know there are different strokes for different folks; but these apps are considered must-haves for most users. Included in the list are…


Angry Birds — When it comes to mobile games, no franchise is more popular than Angry Birds. From the classic Angry Birds, to Angry Birds Star Wars and, more recently, Angry Birds Go (think Mario Kart), users can’t go wrong with these feathered creatures. Available for iOS and Windows Phone for $0.99, free on Android.

Temple Run — Another popular mobile game franchise is Temple Run, which this year released a sequel and now has a couple of spinoffs. In these never-ending games, users run for their lives trying to avoid killer monkeys, pitfalls and tree stumps. The point is to get the highest score possible. Available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Cut the Rope — Cut the Rope is another popular mobile game franchise that is available for most devices. Users who enjoy puzzles will enjoy this game, which challenges them to strategically — as the title says — cut ropes in order to feed candy to a little green creature. Available for $2.99 on iOS, free on Android and $0.99 on Windows Phone.


Shazam — This is the app you use when a song comes on and you want to learn its name. Simply open the app, tap the tag button and let Shazam do the rest. Available for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Spotify — Haven’t you heard? Paying for individual songs is so 2000s. Spotify users who pay $9.99 per month can stream the company’s entire catalog from their phones whenever they want. Non-paying users can also use the Spotify app to stream songs from playlists and artists that they follow on shuffle mode with ads played after every few songs. Available for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Pandora — When it comes to Internet radio, Pandora is still the top dog. Users simply tell the app the name of an artist, a song or a genre of music, and Pandora will create music stations that users can then perfect by liking and disliking songs. Available for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

There’s lots more apps to download. Click here for app suggestions on video, social networks, messaging, productivity and more.


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