Still Got Some Shopping To Do? See What’s Open on Christmas Day


*You knew it would happen. Here it is Christmas Day and you forgot to get the (you fill it in!) No worries, thanks to MSN, we can learn what’s open and save gas at the same time.

As you know, most establishments are closed today; and many of them put notices up as you shopped over the past week.

However, check out what establishments thought enough of good old capitalism (Oops! I meant to say “was thoughtful enough”) to open their doors for you on this day (and hopefully give those employees working a nice lil’ bonus, too.)

Now keep in mind, depending on where you live, the case may vary.

As for restaurants...Online resources like OpenTable or UrbanSpoon can answer questions quickly about which eateries are open or not in your city; but here’s a few you can go to:




Starbucks: There are some Starbucks locations that will be open on Christmas Day,

Most major grocery stores will be closed, but smaller chains and corner marts may be open.

7-Eleven(All stores open)

As for drug stores…

CVS: Most CVS stores will open late on Christmas Day, while a few will remain open 24 hours.

Walgreens: On Christmas Day, most stores will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To find out what’s closed on Christmas; how to dispute fraudulent credit charges and more click here.


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