Actors’ Resentment Towards ‘Oscar’ Campaigning Makes Us Think of Mo ‘Nique and ‘Precious’

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*It may have taken 4 years, but remember the backlash comedienne/actor Mo ‘Nique got from mainstream media when she refused to go on an all-out campaign for Oscar consideration for her role in the film ‘Precious?’  Now it appears a growing list of her colleagues are following suit. They want no parts of the game-playing involved with selling the public on nominating them for the coveted award (and increasing chances of seeing the movie again in the process, of course).

Funny thing though, we’ve heard no negative media noise on any of them; they appear to be getting a pass. Funny thing though, we’ve heard no negative media noise on any of them; they appear to be getting a pass. Do you wonder why?

Though she won the Academy Award anyway, the girl was practically crucified in the process; and since she hasn’t done a film since (she’s been out of the spotlight, presumably working on losing weight, which she has), many suspect she may have even been blacklisted.

But now, 4 years later, Mo ‘Nique’s stance appears to be catching on. Actors such as ’12 Years A Slave’ Michael Fassbender stated firmly in interviews that he won’t be campaigning for an Oscar nomination for his much-ballyhooed performance in the film, for which he’s very likely going to be nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Others before him offered similar statements including:

David Cronenberg, who said, “Every year I try to be as disconnected as possible… The people who are releasing the movie get excited, they want you to do more, and you understand it because the awards can maybe get more people to see the film… However, it is all bullshit, it is all annoying and it is all very problematical.”

Joaquin Phoenix stated: “I think it’s total, utter bullshit, and I don’t want to be a part of it … It was one of the most uncomfortable periods of my life when ‘Walk the Line’ was going through all the awards stuff and all that. I never want to have that experience again.”

Anthony Hopkins called the process “disgusting.”

Matt Damon was quoted as saying, “It’s ridiculous … We had Harvey Weinstein with us for ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and he’s the guy who really sees the matrix when it comes to this stuff and I think we did a cocktail party. That was it … It’s been really shocking to me to see what’s happened [since], and not all good.”

And there’s more… but you get the gist.

But here’s the thing, there has been plenty of time for the media to react (or should I say attack), yet they haven’t. It’s sort of like, these guys are entitled to their opinion.

Hey, nothing wrong with that, right? But the only conclusion one can come to — seeing as this was not the position they took with Mo ‘Nique — is that these are four white men.

In Mo ‘Nique’s case, one journalist in particular, Jeffrey Wells, writer of the Hollywood Elsewhere blog, became so indignant he seemed unable to maintain any sense of objectivity or professionalism. Apparently holding his own personal anti-Mo ’Nique campaign at the time; others eventually began to question his motivation. So one has to wonder why he took issue with being called a racist; especially following his article in a Vanity Fair, where he wrote this:

As for Mo ’Nique herself, she’s a genuine primitive… Or so I think. Did she pretend not to understand the financial benefits of an Oscar race during that talk-show chat or is she really that thick? I thought her [Golden Globe] acceptance speech felt acted and lacked class. I thought her ‘talk to my husband’ reply to Tom O’Neil was major chickenshit. And the hairy legs thing was just astounding. Has an Oscar contending actress ever been on the red carpet with visible Yeti hair on her calves?… Mo ‘Nique’s spotty campaign and the certainty of her winning the Oscar is proof that you don’t have to campaign as much as most publicists think you have to… IF you’re the only real standout in your category and IF you’ve got every critics group going ‘baaaah!’ and giving you a win almost every time at bat. Plus there was never a strong Mo ’Nique alternative choice. I found her performance and personality genuinely unappealing. Which of course makes me a racist. Naturally. END.

Many took issue with the word ‘primitive’ and let him know it.

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