Brazil Had Us Going With Their Male-Female Boxing Match

Brazilian Fighters

*It was never intended to happen. As much as our world is changing, its hardly realistic to believe that an actual boxing match between the genders would ever legally occur.

I know…never say never.

So when Shooto Brazil, a Brazilian mixed martial arts organization, initially announced that Emerson Falcao and Juliana Velasquez (who would be making her pro MMA debut) was going to fight for the “Shooto 45” event Dec. 20, they certainly piqued the peoples’ anticipation level.

Brazilian Promoter Andre Pederneiras originally came up with the idea and everyone said that since he is regarded as one of the most esteemed men in the MMA, everyone should believe him.

They even had the fighters weigh in at a local restaurant, with Velasquez being quoted after weigh ins saying, “We’re going to fight…We’re professionals and we’ll fight tomorrow,” she added.

She was followed by Falco, who said, “I was hired to fight and I am going to fight,” adding, “This is the first of the many man vs. woman fights that will come in the future.”

But alas, it was all for show.

Osiris Maia, a member of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation, told that the fight isn’t really for real.

Maia said they would never allow such a fight to happen. According to Maia, the mixed-gender fight, if pushed through, has a collective demonstration that is more significant for the general public that for the sport itself.

The much ballyhooed bout was actually¬†announced to create buzz and show to the people the importance of¬† a federal law in Brazil called “Lei Maria da Penha.”

“Lei Maria da Penha” deals with reducing the domestic violence in women. It was named after Maria da Penha Maia, who became paraplegic after her ex-husband tried to kill her twice.

Hmmm…A great cause indeed, though I’m SMH as to whether the promotion of a mixed-gender boxing match was the right vehicle.

Jus’ sayin’.


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