Beyonce Album Release So Secret Even Her Producer Didn’t Know!

Ryan Tedder, Beyonce producer

*OK, we’ve heard that Virgo’s can be secretive people, but dang Bey, you hid the release of your new self-titled album from one of its producers? Now that’s cold!

As it turns out Ryan Tedder, who produced the single “XO,” learned about the release of Beyonce’s record only a short time before it went public.

“I knew 90 minutes before it dropped.” “Ninety minutes. And I said nothing because I love Beyonce and I don’t want her to hate me,” the One Republic front-man said in an interview on Tuesday at the season finale of the NBC singing competition “The Voice,” where his band performed.

“I heard a rumor and then I didn’t say anything. I told my wife, ‘I think Beyonce’s album is dropping in 90 minutes,’ and then I knew that ‘XO’ was on the album,” he said. “I knew it was a single. I didn’t know if it was first or second. I didn’t know anything, and then today I found out that it was the lead.”

Tedder said he’s not surprised by the R&B star’s success — especially after seeing her live show.

“Me and my whole band, who are just complete skeptics and like, you know, a bit snobby, we just sat there going …” said Tedder, dropping his jaw. “Like somehow we have to step our game up and be more like Beyonce.”


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