Mrs. Obama and First Dogs Visit Sick Kids For Christmas, Kids Have Their Own Q&A

FLOTUS at Children's Hospital, Xmas 2013

*Michelle Obama will celebrate her 50th birthday next month, and though she doesn’t know exactly what she will be doing, she thinks it will involve some dancing. This is what she shared as she sat in front of a towering Christmas tree in the atrium of Children’s National Health System, after reading Christmas stories to the kids.

FLOTUS also shared what’s on the Christmas gift lists for her husband and two dogs, during an annual holiday visit Monday with patients at Washington’s leading children’s hospital. Mrs. Obama’s visit to the hospital continues a tradition started 60 years ago, when Bess Truman walked the halls of the White House. Once a year, at Christmas, the First Lady visits children too sick to leave the hospital.

This year the children got an extra special treat because family dogs Bo and Sunny came along too!

It seems the kids got to ask her everything including what was her favorite Christmas gift as a child, to which she responded, “I’m sure it was some Barbie-related thing. When I was little, I loved Barbie dolls and I had everything Barbie,” Mrs. Obama said. “I had the town house and the car and all the little outfits, and the shoes that never stayed on their feet.”

And when she was asked what her favorite Christmas song is, she answered by singing, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ….,” before dryly noting: “I forgot the press was here.”

As for family Christmas gifts, President Barack Obama most likely will get workout clothes. “He said that’s what he wanted,” she said. The dogs are getting chew toys. Eldest daughter Malia, 15, wanted a cellphone, but Mrs. Obama said her father spoiled that plan by getting one for her early.

She also revealed that age has taken away her desire for “White Christmases.”

“The truth is, now that I’m older, I prefer a Christmas without snow,” Mrs. Obama said. “When you’re older, you know, old people, snow is a hassle. You’ve got to shovel it. And then when the ice forms on your car window shield there’s nothing worse than scraping that off.”

The First Lady will turn 50 on January 17 and claims, “I’m going to be 50. Fifty and fabulous,” pumping a fist high above her head. “I’m not exactly sure yet what I’m going to do but it might involve some dancing.”

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