Da-Yum! A What Bit Your Penis???


*Ouch! So glad I’m not you, dude.

We’ve heard of some strange sh*t happening in the bathrooms of Ghana; but we’re just thinking dirty bathwater and stuff. This here has got to take the cake.

Kwabena Nkrumah, 34, says he was sitting on the toilet of a public restroom taking a…well, you know…when all of a sudden a big, black snake jumped up and bit the tip of his penis.

When he rose up and saw the gargatuan reptile coming back for more, he almost collapsed, but says that instead of that he ran out of the public toilet screaming, “Snake! Snake! Snake!” which in turn caused everyone else using the facilities to panic and flee, according to Ghanaweb.com.

Nkrumah was immediately taken to hospital after he complained of being cold and dizzy. He has since been released.

How much do you wanna bet dude will “hold it” until he gets home from here on in.

Jus’ sayin’.




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