Newlywed Changes Mind: Admits to Pushing Husband of 8 Days Off Cliff in Eleventh Hour of Trial

Wife pushes husband off cliff

*Guilt gives no warning, apparently. It decided to show up in the eleventh hour in the case of a Montana bride who was on trial for pushing her husband of eight days off a 200-foot cliff. Just as closing arguments were set to begin, she plead “guilty,” most likely shocking the crap out of her attorneys.

Admitting that it was a “reckless act,” according to The Missoulian newspaper, 22-year-old Jordan Linn Graham told the judge,  “I ran back up to the car and left. I was scared of what happened and in that moment I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.”

Now as a result of her plea, prosecutors (who had argued that Graham had been an unhappy bride that intentionally pushed her husband off of a cliff and made up stories to explain his absence) will drop charges of first-degree murder and making false statements. Graham faces a maximum of life when she’s sentenced March 27, but it was unclear what punishment prosecutors will recommend under the agreement.

Graham was in the process of building a self-defense case, with a claim that she pushed Cody Johnson, 25, by accident while trying to remove his hand from her arm during an argument on the cliff.

Jurors heard from an FBI agent who had taped a confession from Graham five days after she led them on a search for his body.

“I pushed him and I took off,” she said.

“It was a quick thing, I just wanted to get him off me,” she said in the recorded interview. “I don’t feel like I killed him; I mean I pushed him, but it was an accident.”

Husband pushed off cliff by wife

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