Black Woman Moves ‘To Escape the Black Community’ Husband Says She ‘Thinks She’s Malibu Barbie’ (Watch)


*We all know that there are people out there with self-hate issues. The behavior that calls them out shows them degrading their own kind, donning looks that are not just a style (we all change up from time to time) but clearly worn to defy what they came into this world with –  their natural eye and hair color. Oftentimes these people prove to be an embarrassment to themselves, their family, and even those who remain their friends. With that said, it was hard not to share the story of Tannisha, a woman who lives in her platinum blonde wig and blue contacts and admits (without blinking) that she is embarrassed to be black, and wants the white race to accept her as one of their own.

Her husband of three years is Desmond, a handsome, well-educated, hard-working brother who she doesn’t deny is a great provider. All the while, out of the other side of her mouth, she says that a white man would give her a better life. Desmond suspects his wife, who he says is “crazy,” is messing around with a white man.

“She thinks that she’s ‘Malibu Barbie'” Desmond tells host, Trisha.

The couple, who shares three children, appeared on the TV show Trisha. Desmond says his wife is obsessed with being white.

And she does not deny it.

“I don’t care for the black race. I think the white race is more educated, civilized and sophisticated. I’m embarrassed to be black,” says Tannisha.

Claiming she wants the white race to “embrace me and treat me as if I was white,” Tanisha says she expects this because “I think and I act white.”

Knowing that racism still exists, isn’t this brown-skinned girl in for a rude awakening?

Tannisha admits that her family feels she should be ashamed of herself. Her two cousins appear on the show as well and you better believe, they’ve got words for her!

Desmond admits to Trisha that whenever his wife has her white friends over, she has already entertained and excused her black friends and family; who Tannisha says forces her to “act ghetto whenever she is around them.”

At one point, when the hosts asks Tannisha if she is worried because there are so many black people in the audience, she nonchalantly says, “No, because there’s security here.”

How much of this do you think is acting? Can you guess how big the paycheck is?

Watch the half-hour show in its entirety below. I quote the MJ and Janet Jackson lyric, “It’ll make you want to scream.”


4 thoughts on “Black Woman Moves ‘To Escape the Black Community’ Husband Says She ‘Thinks She’s Malibu Barbie’ (Watch)”

  1. This woman and her husband were also on the bill Cunningham show for a different reason. No blonde wig and no mention of her self loathing racist ideals. Though there are true real live people who think that way “tannisha” is just a character.not a real person. I have been trying to research who she really is. Possibly a minor league comedian. Not for sure though. I just like exposing the truth. Happy holidays.

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