Honor Mandela By Lowering the Flag…South Carolina Sheriff Says ‘No Way!’


South Carolina sheriff Rick Clark refuses POTUS’ order to lower the flag to half staff to honor the late Nelson Mandela. President Barack Obama made an executive order that called on all flags at the White House along with public buildings and grounds, military posts, naval stations and naval vessels be lowered to half staff and remain this way through sunset the following Monday evening. Most did not find this a difficult order to take. After all, the iconic anti-Apartheid hero and peacemaker who passed away Thursday at the age of 95, had won the respect of even the harshest dictators. But you notice I said “most” not all and Clark refused to comply with the order, claiming that such action should be reserved for Americans only.“The flag at half-staff is for Americans’ ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Rick Clark, a sheriff from Pickens County told the Greenville News. “We should never stray away from that.” People were outraged and had no problems showing it and many are saying its  stereotypical of the racist South; while others acknowledge Clark’s point, but conclude that Mandela is a special case: “Lower the flag … be a human being,” said one post on the sheriff department’s Facebook page.

But the sheriff also had his share of supporters. On his personal Facebook page he is being lauded for the move: “Proud of you for standing your ground Sheriff, keep up the good work!”

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