NYC Cop Beaten Unconscious as Bystanders Cheer (Disturbing Video)


*In light of the bevy of police brutality cases set before the nation over the past two years, one has to wonder if Minister Farrakhan’s warning of “Hurting those who hurt us” might be coming to pass? In an incredibly disturbing video (scroll down) involving an NYC off-duty police officer and a civilian, bystanders appear to be celebrating the fact that the man is beating the police officer mercilessly.

No African Americans are involved. Both the officer and his assailant are non-black.

The backstory seems to be that the officer was in a bar or club, and bumped into the man.

What we see happens outside. And with bystanders yelling things like ‘World Star’ and ‘That n*gga’s dead,’ the enraged man, who has left the officer either dead or unconscious on the ground, goes to his BMW and proceeds to punch at the window.

The officer’s frightened wife is said to be inside.

I fear this is what the constant police brutality may come to. I am sure an investigation is underway. 

Watch the VERY DISTURBING video. You have been warned.

Source: YouTube

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