Florida School Bus Driver ‘In Shock’ Does Little to Help Boy Beaten on Bus (Video)

Bus Driver, John Moody, 64, of Pinellas County, Florida, looked on as teenagers beat another boy mercilessly on his bus, July 9, 2013.
Bus Driver, John Moody, 64, of Pinellas County, Florida, looked on as teenagers beat another boy mercilessly on his bus, July 9, 2013.

There have been so many cases of violence on school busses that it would be understandable if more and more students find alternate transportation to school.

A Florida school bus driver, John Moody, 64, in Pinellas County, was witness to a horrific beating of one student by three older, bigger boys on his bus from the dropout detention school where he picks up students, according to CNN. Moody was interviewed and said that he too feared the boys and was in shock as they beat the boy, what he thought could be, to death.

John Moody, 64, retired days after brutal bus attack occurred on his school bus, July 9, 2013.
John Moody, 64, retired days after brutal bus attack occurred on his school bus, July 9, 2013.

“The three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. And I did all can,” he told CNN affiliate WFLA. “I was looking. It was like I was in shock. I was petrified.”

He called dispatchers and alerted them to the altercation, so that help could immediately be sent in.  The police said that there was more Moody could’ve done to help the boy, but the school’s policy states that he did nothing wrong.

“There was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so,” Chief Robert Vincent of Gulfport Police Department told the affiliate.

The assistant states’ attorney even went as far as to say he could’ve given the boy first aid after the beating, but Moody insists there wasn’t any time.

“The kid gets up and skedaddles out the door,” he said.

According to reports, police arrested three teens all 15, Lloyd Khemradj, Julian McKnight, and Joshua Reddin, for felony aggravated battery.  They jumped the 13-year-old because he told school officials that someone tried to sell him drugs. It’s obvious that Moody, who has since retired, was scared of the boys, who left the boy with a broken arm and two black eyes. What do you think he should’ve done…if anything?  Watch the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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31 thoughts on “Florida School Bus Driver ‘In Shock’ Does Little to Help Boy Beaten on Bus (Video)”

  1. 20 years ago the driver would have done something…but law protecting kids from adults reprimanding students ruined all of that….I don’t blame the driver one bit. It’s Black on Black crime it’s the norm. If it were three white kids beating up on this student…Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over this………..their silence on this incident is deafening and racist.

  2. The bus driver was definitely distressed and scared rightfully so! It is so weird that the white bus driver in Southern Alabama was shot and killed after a gunman came on the school bus and abducted a boy and held him in a bomb shelter was deemed a HERO. He did not save the boy and was just shot, how is he a hero.

    Yet a 64 year old black bus driver was in distress and clearly concerned and calling for help is being scrutinized for not doing more. He called in the attack!! I do not believe that 64 year old bus driver was capable of detaining those 3 boys from their violent actions.

    It is so upsetting how it seems race plays a role in how people should behave. Since he was black even though he was older do people think he is more capable of violence himself? Why did the white bus driver in Alabama not take down the gunman? Was he less capable of fighting since he was white, so by just being at the wrong place at the wrong time he is a hero??

  3. I have seen the video and couldn’t believe the ferocity, the malice, at only 15 yrs of age. To be 3 against 1, is not just a matter of extreme bullying, it is wretched and pathetically low-life and, although I believe people can change, when I watched that video, the only thing that came to my mind was “they shouldn’t live”. I don’t know if Florida has death penalty, and even if it does, it probably wouldn’t be perform on kids of 15 yrs of age, but maybe once in history, there should be drastic measure. The proof is irrefutable with the video, these kids could have killed the other child, and with the way that the system work, these kids will be sent to juvenile correction, where they are going to learn how to be worse, and its all the tax payers who are going to pay to make them live. I usually don’t believe in Death penalty, but when the proof is obviously there for the world to see. I say zapp them and their parents with them. There is way too much violence in this world starting way too soon in age and it just seem to multiply. A drastic punishment to start waking up the kid-bullies that their young age will not save them. I am very very sorry if this shocks people, but maybe just suggesting the idea will serve as wake-up call.

  4. Where Is Rev Al and all those who protested for Travon! Need to teach out children that violence is not the way. I hated to see this and I hope those boys are put away for a very long time. I hope that hey get the same in jail so they can feel what this boy felt. Wips! I say. To beat on one child- 3 at a time. Cowards!!!

  5. Please note that this was not a black on black crime Tom……..the 13yr old was white. 3 black teens beat a white 6th grader so bad that they broke his arm and bruised and blackened his face. Where is the black leaders outrage?

  6. Well Cheri, the reason the white bus driver in Alabama was a hero because when the man tried to take two boys he tried to stop him. The man got one boy.

    A lot of people have died for this country so stupid proble like yourself could write stupid things on the Internet.

  7. White kid needed a gun. 3 more dealers would’ve been off the street and not in jails.

  8. America the Beautiful. America the Violent. Under God, with one fist, and injustice for all. Clearly, as we speak out here today, and witness the predatory, vicious, evil act of cowardly violence, it now shows we deem it necessary that CHANGE take place and not a minute too soon! America has been plagued by senseless evil, and violence, that has shed the fine skin of civility for years. Clearly, there are no consequences to actions anymore. Our courts are a joke. Our judicial system is a growing business much like a conveyor belt. Next..Next..Next..Next.. AS body after body after body after body are shoved into body bags and tagged and forgotten! Old laws need abolished! Kids and juveniles alike, need their names publicly made known and no more hiding behind the law of secrecy. If you are old enough to perform the crime, then by god be man enough to hold those big pants up you wear and take the time! We need a NO NONSENSE approach to violent crime and to crime in general no matter what the circumstance, age or race. We need to take back our streets! But…A big but here! Do any of us really believe this will ever happen? I don’t trust in my lifetime. No one these days are safe and its clear our leaders are not doing enough to ensure stricter sentencing and sending out loud and clear messages that your disobedience and treacherous actions to mutilate and to kill our common sense civility will not be tolerated! This beaten down boy will survive, but with what damage done to the psych? My heart goes out to him. I can’t fault an elderly man for not intervening in a dangerous life and death situation. Not only could there have been one, but two victims of deadly hoodlum rampage. Would I come between 3 pitbulls viciously killing someone? Probably not, but I would make an earnest effort to summons help as best I could!

  9. I am Black and I could care less about child protection laws when it comes to something like this. I would have intervened, I understand why the driver did not do this because of fear but it would have been them who feared me come what may. It is time that these out of control untrained possibly poorly raised trash get what is coming to them. To gang up on one person is cowardly I wish I could have one hour with them regardless of the color this is just wrong. They are nothing more than pathetic cowardly trash!

  10. You are so correct Marie. The real problem is found in the home life of these evil thugs. Then afterwards it is upon the judicial system to deal with the problems that our society is breeding. That is where we all are failed. Our judicial system is a broken down joke. While thugs run amuck hoisting their evil upon innocent lives, its the innocent victims that pay dearly for societies lawlessness. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s not up to me however to put these diseased punks where they belong and in their place. It’s up to the law once they are in custody to do what needs done in order to put public safety first. I’ll tell you in a minute that I’m not going to lose my life over vicious pieces of worthless hanging flesh. I want to go home each night. I will aid in other ways, but to put yourself in harms way doesn’t sound like the brightest choice. We all have families and friends that need us and love us and what good is it to jeopardize our own existence and leave behind those who would feel the pain of our absence should the worse occur? If we truly want to help, we all as a nation need to band together and take our voices to the elected officials and demand more harsh laws for the criminal element walking so proudly in our presence. Till then, nothing is much going to get solved as far as the wave of violence that’s spreading through all our lives.

  11. Why, in God’s name is this story about the bus driver? Where is the anger that I am feeling right now? These three BLACK teens are beating a younger WHITE boy because he told on them for trying to sell drugs to him! Good Lord people! If this isn’t the absolute epitome of racism and criminal behavior, I can’t imagine what is. Black were up in arms and out of control because Trayvon was killed while sitting on and punching a man in the face, who happened to have a gun. This 13 year old white boy was beaten for doing the right thing. But the whites won’t riot over this, because they know that won’t help the situation. In fact, you won’t even see this newsworthy story on the 6 o’clock news except in the immediate area surrounding the incident. What would be the point? The media knows that they can only rile folks up when a black is viewed as being treated badly. The media is who put George Zimmerman’s life in jeopardy and got all the black folks so wound up. Did you ever wonder why that story was so important that it was broadcast across the country? The current media reporting is totally biased and many times, completely false. Be careful what you listen to and how you react to all that you hear!

  12. Katie, you said it best of all. I never looked at it that way until you laid the cards right out there on the table! If there was a button here to click on with your story being the best, I would click it. All said and done though, you are correct. There will be no trace of this story in another day or two. It will be swept under the news mat and tossed out with yesterdays news garbage. The media does stir up a lot of smelly stuff do they not? They pick and choose and go for the most dramatic on what will spark rage and riots. No one felt it necessary to advocate for this 13 year old boy however. Perhaps the clients of the druggies all live around the area and are not going to nark out. Too, where are the parents and what they think on the matter of the ambush on their son? I don’t see where they were even mentioned anywhere now that I think about it.

  13. Katie, I understand your frustration about a kid regardless of race fell victim because he did the right thing! However i also see your frustration misguided as you relate this to the Traivon Martin/Zimmerman murder! What transpired between Zimmerman and T was not recorded so all things were perspective Zimmermans word against the prosecution.. In this situation there is evident that these 3 boys were definitely in the wrong and should be punished. WHY black people become so enraged when a white man takes a black mans life has nothing to do with the media exploiting their viewers…Sadly its an instant reminder to blacks of a country that enslaved them beat hung and killed them in the streets. I dont play the race card ever…but Katie with all do respect be aware of the real reason blacks become enraged when a white man takes the life of a black..I assure you it’s not the media. The bus driver could have engaged the boys verbally if anything to halt the violence. If he had any authority and was respected on his bus the whole thing would not have happened in his presence..If he had grabbed on of them and threw his lil @ss across the bus protecting the kid he’d have charges on him. Im sure in this case justice will be served!

  14. There should be no question here, the bus driver was a grown man watching 3 thugs beat on a 13-year-old child on his bus. Any normal person with a conscience and a heart would have stepped in, who gives a darn about anything but stopping the vicious beating of this child. If it were any of our children we would be outraged at anything less—and rightfully so. These days it seems like we have more people that don’t want to get involved than to what the right thing, regardless. And for those who thinking calling for help is enough…what if it were your child and help was too late? And for those who think the man (64 years) was too old, then maybe he needs to retire if he cannot care for the kids on his bus. If I were that man I would be incredibly and forever ashamed of my inaction and cowardice. Doing the minimum is not always morally and logically right. How anyone can stand by and watch this and not want to take action is beyond me.

  15. You are right – where are Sharpton and Jackson? And did you hear our President say that these boys could have been him 30 years ago…ya, me either!!

  16. I have no doubt the man was afraid. Who wouldn’t have been in a similar situation, but that does not mean you do practically nothing.

  17. Everyone here aside from a few say he should of done more!!!… Please pray tell what do you think the man should of done? Gotten in the middle of the ravenous pigs and risked himself being beat, stomped and more? Possibly a heart attack at his age? Come on. I want to hear!!! I hear all this bashing now tell what the hell this man is suppose to do ? Maybe you should be more angry with what is going to happen once they are in police custody! Few slaps on the wrist and time off with probation and then walk free as do most thugs in this damned violent ridden nation! Holler then. Lets hear the same cries for all the other violent victims of crime across this nation that we are hearing here!!! I’m sick of it! Yes I wish someone could of pulled a gun and shot all three of them dead! I’m sorry a 13 year old child was so viciously attacked and limbs broken! Our voices here is doing no one any good! Tell the leaders! Don’t just sit here for god sake screaming what you would of done and bomb blast everyone else who doesn’t do or think as you do! Grow some damn balls and take to the streets in protest and make things happen! Not one thing is going to change what happened to this young kid!! What can change is what others sit by and allow to happen to him now!!! Go! Get out and off those comfy chairs from behind the computers and dash for the streets and tell them! Tell the leaders you have had enough! Change is now! Please do! Because I’m growing tired of your talking how heroic you would be under similar circumstances! Talk is cheap! Let’s see it in action !

  18. The answer to what he, the only adult in this situation, should have done for this 13-year-old child is obvious. Even the police said he could have done more.

  19. Yes Audrey are you that naïve that you believe everything that police say???? Pleassseeee….. Yeah, sure they would open there worthless mouth because they have the guns and all the other measures they can use at their disposal to apprehend and take down bullies!! Do we? Hell no! So please think before you say brain dead things!

  20. I understand the younger boy was a white boy who reported one of the older boys for dealing drugs on school property.
    Where is the public outcry or calls for race riots on this one?
    I am a multiracial person myself ( Caucasian, African American , and American Indian) and I have lived all over the world, but wonder why when an African American person is injured or even perceived to be injured there is an outcry and rioting. However, when a person of any other race is injured or perceived to be injured there are no national calls from the president or others calling for civil action.
    Should not we all care about ALL of our children? Setting better examples for our children to follow than to think ganging up on another younger smaller boy and kicking and beating him nearly to death is a sad sad sad sign of the times for our society….whatever the color of the skin of the perpetrator or the victim. Stop celebrating the drug/hip hop gangster lifestyle and start encouraging our children to all celebrate being children.

  21. Point very well taken Robin! I often ask the same question and as to date, no one can give a rational answer to it!

  22. Dinky: I don’t think I need to address such a statement, but what I have already said about this story and the lack of action on the part of the only adult present before, during and for a while following the attack, stands. Any man worthy of the name should have stepped up or at least made a valiant and brave attempt. That was not the case here. My ONLY sympathy lies with the child who suffered and his family.

  23. Ok sure. Lets have it your way. He is just some old man anyway. Not much time left here on earth. He should of jumped into the Mosh Pit and put some moves on them that would of made the WWF blush. How dare that man not step up to the challenge and beat down 3 ruthless violent thugs. Why he must be the sham of his neighborhood right now! I bet even the Senior Center has a locked door policy now! No elderly cowards allowed! Let this be a lesson to all when faced with life and death situations, to get involved! No matter when, no matter where, no matter what. Take a stand! No prior fighting skills necessary! Take a bite out of crime and McGruff and your community will have renewed confidence and stories like this will lessen. Good day all!

  24. Any bets on the family structure that these kids are growing up in? (The perpetrators I mean). Not that it matters because no decent human being would partake in such brutality. They are all destined for prison or death. I would appreciate the latter, and soon. They are already beyond hope.

    Black on white crime has few consequences, these animals will probably only get probation – and no federal civil rights investigation.

  25. Dinky: He is 64, not a 104. I’ve seen men 20 years his senior, with disabilities, stand up to men half their age. The only person deserving of pity here is the CHILD in question.

    SgtStriker: I would guess the perpetrators family structure is less than ideal, as with so many other cases. You’re right, it excuses nothing regarding their ruthless conduct towards their victim.

    I would agree w/ your analysis of black on white crime. The media and govt appear to have little stomach for pursuing politically incorrect crimes in the same manner they so passionately speak about when the roles are reversed.

  26. These animals should be tried as adults. They look like they were trying to kill the kid. The bus driver had every right to be in fear for his life. I sent my kids to a charter school to get my kids away from a public school they were literally afraid to go to. If charter schools had not been an option, I would have home schooled. Kids have a right to a safe learning environment.

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