Bloomberg Reports that Feds Will Give More Money to Other Countries than Bankrupt Detroit

Detroit falls behind other countries around the world in federal aid with only $108 million.
Detroit falls behind other countries around the world in federal aid with only $108.2 million allotted to the city for 2014.

As we watch Detroit’s residents being raped and pillaged by the mismanagers of the city, now the federal government puts in the deathblow to the embattled city.

Bloomberg News reported that other countries in the middle of some sort of political and social unrest, drug trafficking, and economical plight, are going to receive more federal assistance than Detroit in 2014.  Detroit is slated to receive $108.2 million, and they are experiencing the same issues, maybe even more than these other countries, yet the focus is outside of America.  Now is that patriotic?

The countries on the list include:

“Egypt ($1.5 billion), South Africa ($445 million), the Democratic Republic of Congo ($235 million), Mexico ($205 million), the Philippines ($187 million) and Indonesia ($182 million).”

In the Huffington Post report, the Nobel Prize-winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz, a professor at Columbia University in New York, said it best when he said:

“Our approach has been: let everybody fend for themselves,” Stiglitz said of the federal government’s unwillingness to fix urban problems. “The consequence of that is just a huge waste of human and fiscal resources that would have been far better [used] to try to preserve the assets that are in Detroit … better than basically [letting] the city decay as jobs decrease by more than 50 percent.”

And Afghanistan will receive more foreign aid than any of the cities in America and countries listed above at a whopping $2.2 billion.  Now we don’t have an account of how much of that will come from the U.S., but this is amazing financial support for a country where civilian casualties continue to rise and terrorism is mentioned in the same breath as the country.

Part of the reason the city of Detroit has received so little from the federal government may be a result of the financial mismanagement and downright theft that has happened in the 18th largest city in America.  But wasn’t that the reasoning behind Republican governor Rick Snyder appointing emergency manager Kevyn Orr?  If he’s there to control the city’s spending, why not give as much as you can to help the innocent residents that are watching their pensions and/or livelihood dissolve.

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-J.C. Brooks


3 thoughts on “Bloomberg Reports that Feds Will Give More Money to Other Countries than Bankrupt Detroit”

  1. From what I’ve been reading online, Detroit’s major problems are b/c of corruption, drugs, and gangs. The mayor was ripping off Detroit big-time. Lord only knows how many other corrupt officials ripped ooff the city, which would include anyone in law enforcement and clergymen.

    The drug dealers and gang bangers are bleeding the city dry also. While they are makilng millions in their illegal/deadly activities, these good-for-nothing ni**ers are destroying their neighborhoods and refuse to fix anything. Blacks are their own worst enemy. As usual, they’ll complain and beg the gov’t for funds. Not even taking in consideration that the gov’t knows they ain’t nothing but a bunch of materialistic, lazy, freeloaders. All that mattes to them is driving the most expensive car, wearing the most fancy, designer clothing and shoes, dining at the fanciest restaurants.

    In Detroit (and other major cities), its all about the BENJAMINS, BABY!! How to obtain big money quickly without little or no skill.

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