Don Lemon…This List’s for You!


Don Lemon has caught a lot of flack over his words and/or “instructive tone” aimed at the African American community lately.  The EUR reported various stories that stemmed from Lemon’s “five-point” list he used to “fix” the ills that he described as “plaguing the community”.

But to add insult to injury, Lemon patted Bill O’Reilly on his back for his remarks in reference to the death of Trayvon Martin and the racial conversation that has ensued since the verdict.  Lemon gave a list of five things on his show Talking Points that black folks should consider so that a healing can begin:

1) Stop sagging your pants! 2) Stop using the N-word! 3) Respect where you live 4) Finish school  5) Stop having babies out of wedlock!

Well, we’ve decided to take it one step further, Lemon!  We have found a list on to completely fix the black community.  In fact, we have our suspicions that you might even be behind this satirical list.  We feel that this list may give you the same satisfaction as Bill O’Reilly’s take on what our problem really is.  

Here’s a couple items from the list “15 Things Black People Must Do In Order to End Racism”:

9. It is the responsibility of the Negro to name his child appropriately. Names like Ebony, Kenya, Keisha and especially names that are more than two syllables long are unprofessional and difficult to pronounce. Additionally, names like Ahmad, Khalil or Muhammed suggest collusion with terrorists. Names like Sarah, Madison, Amy and Scott are much more acceptable and will ensure that the Negro is able to find a job, but only if spelled correctly.

15. It is the responsibility of the Negro to acknowledge that racial slurs against white people, such as cracker, honkey, and white devil, perpetuate and reflect the historic disenfranchisement and oppression of white Americans. The power behind these words is very wounding to white people, and they are therefore unacceptable.

7. It is the responsibility of the Negro to maintain hairstyles that are acceptable to American whites. This means discontinuing hairstyles such as Afros, dreadlocks, braids, cornrows, Philly’s, multi-colored hair, and other styles that may directly or indirectly suggest any sort of regional trends or cultural pride. For tips on definitive, acceptable hairstyles, the Negro must consult the expertise of white people and go to great lengths to control the texture of their hair to the extent that it mirrors that of American whites.

While this list obviously pokes fun at racists, this list is akin to the list the Chicago Defender printed in their paper to instruct blacks migrating from the North during the 1930’s on what would be socially and racially acceptable. A film called Soldiers Without Swords, is a documentary detailing the origins of the black press that gives an interesting perspective on the media through our eyes and why the Chicago Defender was not an anomaly.

Is Don Lemon trying to return us to the days where the media feels compelled to tell the black community how to act?  If so, there’s a flaw with his presentation because the migration is over.  We have resided in the areas where we are being hostilely targeted and treated by police,  receiving substandard education or no education due to school closings or little to no resources provided for our schools or teachers, and where lack of employment has, contrary to popular belief, has historically devastated us long before Obama was on the scene.

Here’s the list in full.  Have fun with it. We have to laugh at something!

-J.C. Brooks


11 thoughts on “Don Lemon…This List’s for You!”

  1. Okay, then let’s disregard the points that Lemon made and continue on our march toward eelf improvement and neighborhood improvement. I’m sure that sucess is awaiting us around the corner. Fanteeking

  2. In prison when faggoty inmates wore their pants hanging off their asses, it meant they were ready to get booty-fucked by another inmate. They also call it tossing a salad. Well, it certainly explains why so many of these gorillas LOVE going IN AND OUT of jail/prison.

    Porch gorillas are a menace to society, even in their own neighborhood. Therefore, they BELONG behind bars.

    What I noticed when inmates are being interviewed for programs like American Justice, Gangland, Lock Up, etc the inmate confesses that HE/SHE was at fault. It wasn’t racism, slavery, the white man, or a corrupt gov’t that put them behind bars. ALL those fucking years, they were lying to cover up their own criminal, sadistic behavior. They play the “race” and “slavery” cards for their own convience.

    It’s only a small % of black males who are locked up that are actually innocent. The rest (99%) are GUILTY!

    Nobody’s powerful enough to tell stubborn, retarded, and illiterate gorillas what do and how to live a decent life. How’s that possible when they’re enjoying their life the way it is. To inform them that they are responsible for the high % rate of black on black crime falls on deaf ears b/c they already know they’re the cause.

    It thrills them to purchase weapons, even if they buy it from a non-black person. If there’s so much racism towards these gorillas then why are they buying weapons from a racist? Just goes to prove the mass confusion among porch gorillas.

    Whenever I view or read that helicopters are flying around a city searching for gorillas, there’s always other gorillas blaming racism and a corrupt police force for the behavior of a criminal. The REAL reason is because other gorillas are EMBARRASSED that the world’s being shown how much of a criminal they really are. The world sees that gorillas have been using racism and slavery as excuses for their own idiotic behavior. Has absolutely nothing to do w/ the white race or the gov’t.

  3. Don Lemon’s is correct and ignorant ghetto-minded people oughtta take heed. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. Decent black people move out of the ghetto b/c 1.) G-H-E-T-T-O stands for “get the hell out!” 2.) Residents living in the ghetto make life miserable for everyone. 3.) Yes, Don Lemon is gay. There are in-the-closet/down-low dudes in the ghetto. They are mostly crackheads and drug dealers who exchange oral sex for a bag of crack. 4.) Don and other blacks say what others are too afraid to say. Even so-called black leaders are too cowardly to tell ghetto folks that how they act/think/behave is wrong. 5.) Its been stated that the black woman’s sexuality was distorted during slavery. Well, it certainly hasn’t stopped black females from having children out of wedlock. Its a tradition for ghetto females to get screwed by any random nigger/nigga that says hi and has a few bucks. Getting pregnant by random tricks is just as common as sunrise and sunset. 6.) Ghetto bitches and niggers/niggas teach their own kids and/or other kids how to become drug dealers. Its not necessarily the non-black man. 7.) Ghetto blacks are the excess baggage weighing down the black race. For years, they have gotten away w/ destroying families and entire neighborhoods. The least little thing will set them off then “boom” here comes a riot. But destruction comes easy for them b/c they have so much experience destroying shit on a daily basis anyway. 8.) There’s a war going on within the black race that really has nothing to do w/ other races. Like Chris Rock said, “You have black people vs. niggers/niggas. The niggers/niggas have got to go. Everytime black people wanna have a good time, ignorant ass niggers/niggas fuck it up.” Chris is absolutely correct. I’ve known for a very long time that niggers/niggas don’t want black people having nothing. Either they want everything for themselves or they want nothing. So when they see black people with something worthwhile, they have a

  4. problem with it as if it should belong to them and/or you shouldn’t have it. And it doesn’t matter what it is: a decent running car, some decent furniture, even food. I know it sounds childish but ghetto residents think in a childish and immature manner. 9.) Its ghetto niggers/niggas that have been jealous of decent working-class black men. Since black men have legit jobs where they earn a paycheck, niggers/niggas are calling you all Uncle Tom’s and accusing you all of trying to be white or thinking that you are white. If the white man is your enemy, then the nigger/nigga is your closest enemy. If you view the white man as the devil, then niggers/niggas are demons.

    I read online that there are 7 Layers of Division Among Black People:

    1.) Black men vs. Black Women. I don’t agree w/ this wholeheartedly b/c men and women know how to, at the least, basically get along. There are lots of men and women who have been “true” friends and/or married for years. They know how to weather storms and work thru differences without all the unnecessary drama. So this could be also titles Black Men vs. Niggers/Niggas or Black Women vs. Ghetto Bitches.

    2.) Light/Brown Skin vs. Dark Skin. This shouldn’t even be a problem among black people period. But unfortunately it is. I know for a fact that dark skin people, mostly ghetto-minded, are indeed jealous of lighter skin people. At a young age, dark skin people were taught/given the impression that they were ugly. By the time they reached adulthood, they felt unattractive. They’re the ones who truly belive that “white/light is right” therefore they decpise their own skin color and wish they were lighter but white skin would be better. They are jealous of blacks w/ lighter skin. They’ll have the nerve to call another dark skin person black and ugly. For years, hatred and jealousy rules them. Light/Brown skin people don’t hate dark skin people b/c of their color. They hate ’em b/c of their jealousy and hatred

  5. towards blacks w/ lighter skin. Lighter skin people hear/hear about what dark skin people say about them. Any person with 1/4 of intelligence knows that nobody has the authority over their skin color. Furthermore, black people are of various shades of brown. But, I guess some people just aren’t able to comprehend that. Oh, well. Even they can’t change it.

    3.) Bourgie vs. Ghetto or Upper/Middle Class vs. Lower Class. This category is what Bill Cosby was talking about when he was ostracized by the black community. The majority of lower class folks are greedy, selfish/stingy, etc but they are not poor. There’s entirely too much drug money floating throughout the ghetto/hood for anybody to go without food, clothes, and whatnot. Drug dealers earn millions a year. They’re just too scared to spend it the way they want. They’re to selfish/stingy to give do anything with it that’ll help their own community. They’re too greedy to make a certain amount then establishing a legit business b/c drug money is a lot quicker to earn and they earn a lot of it. Plus going legit requires them to actually work. If five or six of them were to put their money together and open a grocery store, they’d have to order groceries, stock shelves, sweep and mop floors, and be respectful to customers, and work as a cohesive unit. Not happening. Every one of those “grocery store owners” would wanna be the boss. Running thangs means control. You’d have 6 control freaks wanting to be in charge. Thats impossibe since it takes individuals to run each department. ONE person can not operate an entire grocery store. Then there’s the actual duties of keeping the store clean, stocking shelves, and providing a wide selection of fresh goods. That spells W-O-R-K. Ignorant, ghetto-minded blacks associate any type of work as slavery as if THEY were actual slaves 400 years ago. That cancels out any legit business from being established. Becoming a millionaire thru drug selling is more

  6. convenient. No real work is required. There’s no requirement of knowing how to read or write. Niggers/Niggas and ghetto bitches don’t really like the working upper/middle class black people. If anything, they’ll scheme on ways to use/take advantage of/rob them. Other than that they don’t like black people who read, write, and speak English words. If you don’t speak a lot of slang and cuss, ghetto folks will accuse you of being/acting white.

    4.) Church vs. Cynics. I believe in God, but I don’t attend church. Ever since noticing the corruption in black churches and among the congregation, I realized that I didn’t have to be among those who not only were phony hypocrites but were also just as much criminals than thugs in the streets. Only difference is that church people wear dress clothes more often. Black pastors are being exposed as cheaters, liars, and thieves. And if thats not bad enough, they’ve been on the down-low meaning they’ve been engaging in homosexual activity while married and sleeping w/ women in and out of the congregation. If thats not sinning, I don’t know what is. No way am I also gonna give a church/pastor money so he can afford a spanking brand new car every 6 months to a year, expensive suits and shoes, and jewelry while I struggle to pay bills and put food on my table. Church folks are the most ignorant kind of ghetto. They gossip, lie, and spread vicious rumors about other people. They’ll complain about younger adults doing wrong yet when they were younger they also did wrong and they still are. I know of church whores who’ve been sleeping with married pastors and other married men for years. One of my relatives has been involved w/ married men ever since she was in her 20’s. She’s now 60 and still only associates w/ married men. She told me herself that she’s ALWAYS been attracted to men who were already in relationships. But she’ll call men no-good dogs. Hypocrite. Then there are the females in church who wear next

  7. to nothing. Even the older broads got a nerve to be showing so much cleavage it looks as though their breast will pop out any minute. Are they strippers? Usta be strippers? Are they trying to catch the attention of a man, men, or the pastor? It doesn’t look as though people are attending church to learn the Word of God. It seems like churches are having parties and orgies.

    5.) American vs. Immigrant. I changed this to Black Americans vs. Immigrants. Simply b/c ignorant ass blacks have the audacity to be jealous and angry at the Koreans, Chinese, and other non-blacks for having a mind for business. One reason why they accomplish this is b/c they have UNITY. Its not nor will it ever be their fault that blacks lack unity or a mind for business. I see and hear how blacks cuss, holler, and disrespect them. Instead of being grateful and thankful that SOMEBODY takes the time and energy to build and/or open a store in your fucked up, ghetto neighborhood, these ignorant blacks will cause such a scene that the cops have to be called before they tear up the place. And then got a nerve to call the owners a racist. There’s nothing racist about NOT wanting trouble-making goons in their store. It doesn’t dawn on blacks to buy/lease a building and open up their own business. But when hard-working, business-minded people do, they become full of jealousy. Puh-leeze! If it weren’t for these non-blacks opening up stores and restaurants in black neighborhoods, ghetto residents will complain about not having any stores period. Or complain that they have travel long distance to the nearest store. God, they whine about every damn thing. Since they are never satisfied, ghetto residents are only good for two things: spreading misery and legs.

  8. 6.) Racially Scarred vs. Racially Ambiguous. Supposedly, there’s a difference between hearing the word(s) nigger or nigga on a all day basis in your community OR getting over it when blacks or whites say nigger/nigga, especially if you don’t use or like to hear it. Okay, first of all, no black person born after slavery has been called nigger/nigga by a white person more than an actual slave. If you were then hopefully you handled the situation. If not, why not? I believe racially scarred could also mean imaging racism. Since civil rights activist have overloaded our brains w/ racism throughout the years, its very easy to imagine racism even when its not present. Just b/c racism exists doesn’t mean its everywhere. Its in a lot of places. But not EVERY place. Besides, was it racist when Jesse called black people nigger and Obama a half-breed nigger. Oh yeah, and Jesse spoke like a Klansman when he mentioned Obama’s private parts. Now about this Racially Ambiguous. Some say it means “to get over it” or capable of being understood in more ways than one. I think there’s a lot of things some black people need to get over. 1.) Slavery: it happened. Nothing you could’ve done about it even if you were alive back then and there’s nothing you can today to change it. 2.) Racism: it was here before you were born and its gonna be here when you’re gone. Nothing you can really do about it. Besides, white people aren’t the only racist in the world. Look up the word racist and tell me where does it say that whites ARE superior. 3.) Being black: ACCEPT IT ALREADY. You’re not changing colors anytime soon. So be comfy cozy with the skin you’re in. Do it for you.

    7.) Riley vs. Uncle Ruckus (Boondocks). The uncle fits the description of the dark skinned blacks I mentioned in the Light/Dark layer. Uncle Ruckus is the prime example of the misery, hatred, and bitterness that dark skin people have for ALL black people. And yes, they love white ’cause its right.

  9. Riley is a young black male who I’d respect more than an ignorant black adult. He basically knows right from wrong, speaks his mind, reads, and writes. Riley hates the way Uncle Ruckus hates his own race. If that cartoon didn’t have so much cussing and violence, and didn’t come on too late I’d watch it more.

    Okay, well. This is my list.

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