UPDATE: Artist Florida Boycott List Discredited?

After Stevie Wonder announced he would boycott Florida until they rid themselves of the Stand Your Ground law, Stephanie Mills and Mary Mary joined with him, but other artists named are saying they were not even aware that there was such a boycott and do not want to be identified as being involved.
After Stevie Wonder announced he would boycott Florida until they rid themselves of the Stand Your Ground law, Stephanie Mills and Mary Mary joined with him, but other artists named are saying they were not even aware that there was such a boycott and do not want to be identified as being involved.

The list of entertainers we mentioned on Tuesday seem to have some artists confused and “uncomfortable.”

Well-respected, longtime White House correspondent April Ryan, posted from her site a list of entertainers that had allegedly joined forces with Stevie Wonder to get the Florida boycott rolling more seriously, but now there’s trouble with the information from Ryan’s camp and the Huffington Post received this statement from the seasoned journalist.

“I obtained from multiple sources early Monday a list of artists and entertainers who my sources told me had committed to a boycott of Florida following the George Zimmerman acquittal. Since publishing that list I have heard from several representatives of the artists named who say, on behalf of their clients, they are uncomfortable being identified on that list and are seeking additional information.”

Now we’re wondering if that translates into an erroneous report or if the artists are just uncomfortable with having their names associated with the “boycott.” The HuffPost spoke with Ryan by phone on Tuesday, and she confirmed her list came from “very credible sources who had provided her with accurate information in the past.” The list had been rumored on Facebook and Instagram, but spread as a fact…an unconfirmed fact until Ryan’s report on Monday. But she said she had no knowledge of the list that was spread on social media prior to her report.

Representation for entertainers like the Rolling Stones and Rihanna said they were not involved and had never heard of the campaign.  Other entertainers’ representation or management denied being involved in the boycott but declined being identified.

What the fuddruckers is going on here?!

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-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “UPDATE: Artist Florida Boycott List Discredited?”

  1. I wrote April West and posted the following information on her blog (I just hope she approved this post):

    I can’t believe you posted all this false information. So many people live in Florida, and don’t want you posting this hearsay. They don’t want riots to start. Think about how the people who live in Florida feel! Have you lived in an area where riots take place? You should have known many of these artists would never take part in a boycott of Florida because they live in Florida. How can you boycott a state that you live in?

    I’ve worked in the music industry for years. Those few artists won’t make a different. In fact, one of the biggest music festivals in the world is held in Miami (Ultra Music Festival). That one festival alone generates hundreds of millions of dollars to Florida. And the few artists who are boycotting Florida will not impact Florida economically. In fact, many of the artists on your “discredited” boycott list live in Florida. They live in mansions, and pay property taxes to the cities in Florida where they reside. Why even the largest ticket printing firm in the world is located in Florida. And that Florida-based firm supplies the tickets to the concerts of these artists through Ticketmaster.

    Didn’t you think something was wrong with that list, especially since Beyonce just played two sold-out shows in Florida last week, and Jay Z is scheduled to perform in Florida next month. Beyonce and Jay-Z also happen to live in Florida. They own a mansion in Florida. They support the state of Florida since they live in it. They pay property taxes in Florida. You can’t boycott a state when you live there. In fact, most all of the artists on that list live in Florida. Rod Stewart lives in Florida. I highly doubt he’s going to leave his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida to boycott the state.

    Even Kim K shoots her ‘E reality show in Miami, and Kayne West is a frequent guest on her show. You think they’re going to stop production of the show to boycott Florida? As long as they shoot their reality show in Miami, they’re supporting Florida financially. Didn’t you take that into consideration before you posted that list? Didn’t you contact all the publicists of these artists to confirm this before you posted the “discredited” list.

    Look, there is no way these artists are going to boycott Florida. Like I said before, many of them live in mansions in Florida. Even Oprah lives in Florida. And they all pay property taxes on their mansions to Florida. They most likely aren’t going pack up and leave Florida anyway to boycott it financially. Why would they? Florida has the best-asset protection laws in the country. You should have known this. These artists will be supporting Florida because they live in it. And as long as they live in it, they can’t boycott it. They would be branded as hypocrites if they did because you can’t boycott a state that you live in.

    Just remember: As long as you live in the state and pay property taxes on the mansion you own – you are supporting that state on a financial basis.

    And what’s a one-million-dollar concert in light of hundreds of millions of dollars? Like I said before the Ultra Music Festival is held in Miami. It’s one of the largest music festivals in the world. It generates hundreds of millions of dollars to the state of Florida. A few A-Lister artists can’t compete with that on a financial level as far as a boycott is concerned. Talk to people in the music biz. What I’m saying is true. Nobody is canceling that festival. You just have to understand how Florida works. I worked in the music biz for many years. When I heard about this list, I knew something was really wrong!

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