Couple Pays for Disney World Engagement Trip with Money Scammed from Seniors

Amanda Zieminski, 27, and Clyde Forteau, 29, bilk over 80 seniors out of their money through an identity theft scheme.
Amanda Zieminski, 27, and Clyde Forteau, 29, pose during a trip to Disney World they funded with over 80 senior citizen’s social security money through an identity theft scheme.

Identity theft is becoming more successful as we become a more cyber-centered global community.  But, the success rate of these type of criminals diminishes as authorities fight fire with fire.

A New York couple, Amanda Zieminski, 27, and Clyde Forteau, 29, an aspiring rapper that goes by C-Money CEO, prepared to build a life for themselves after stealing thousands of dollars from senior citizens through an identity theft crime ring.  They were building their future on over 80 stolen social security cards they stole from elderly patients in a Staten Island medical center where Zieminski was once employed, according to ABC News.

“Forteau, an aspiring rapper who also goes by the moniker ‘C-Money CEO,’ used the information to file false tax returns and had the refunds sent to his personal bank accounts. Forteau allegedly had his victims’ Social Security payments sent to his own accounts. He posed as a Hurricane Sandy victim who lost his home to explain the diverted money to bank officials, police said.”

Now that’s a low down, dirty mother…shut’cho mouth!  I know you’re saying, “Don’t let me find out my grandmother’s checks were a part of this fool’s scheme because there’s gonna be some violence and repercussions!”

The two were caught because they were so outlandishly bold about their maneuvers that they posted pictures of their purchases and vacations on their public Facebook accounts for investigators to match to the items charged on false credit cards.  Dummies!  Well, here’s hoping they don’t mind an open relationship because it appears that they will be separated for some time with a set of interesting dating options.

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-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Couple Pays for Disney World Engagement Trip with Money Scammed from Seniors”

  1. Serves these jackbutts right. Seniors have hard enough time without these young, no good devils. Enjoy the honeymoon. #CROOKS #ARE #STUPID #DEPARTMENT

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