PayPal Makes Pennsylvania Man A Quadrillionaire …for Two Minutes


We’ve heard of various banking errors that have resulted in either the greatest deposits of all time or some of the worst deficits of all time, but one e-commerce company beats them all.

Chris Reynolds was the richest man in the world on Saturday for an entire two minutes.  Reynolds checked his PayPal balance, and immediately took a screenshot of his balance to make sure he would have proof that he was indeed a QUADRILLIONAIRE!  He contacted the Los Angeles Times with the news of his balance on Wednesday.

“Upon opening his statement, Reynolds saw an incredible figure next to the balance line:


“I was skeptical,” Reynolds said. “And my skepticism was validated within two minutes.”

When he logged into his PayPal account, he saw his balance was $0.”

For Reynolds inconvenience, PayPal offered to donate an undisclosed sum to charity which Reynolds says was a sum “many digits short” of the $92 quadrillion, but it was still “a meaningful donation.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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