Anti-Racism Groups Sue Twitter for Identification of Racist Users and Wins!

twitter gives up racist ids

The United States is not the only place on the planet erupting with racist warfare.  Other countries have had enough and are fighting back as well.

France’s Union of Jewish Students (UEJF) alerted Twitter to racist messages that were Tweeted through their service and asked that they be removed.  The social media giant acquiesced to their requests and thought that the matter had been tactfully resolved, but when the UEJF and four other anti-racist groups asked for identifiable details of those sending the racist messages, Twitter declined.  The organizations then took Twitter to court in March and sued them for $50 million for their refusal.  The lawsuit helped Twitter’s little blue bird sing like a canary and give up the identities.

The results of this case are far reaching.  We all should be taking notes for our campaigns against racism.  Now, Twitter has agreed to work with the groups to combat racial hatred on their site and added that it has also “put in place systems that would make it easier to request ID details on people who abused its service.”

This is a instrumental victory that can serve as the prototype for future action against those corporations and other media sites throughout the internet that feel they are untouchable when up against the common man.  Also, it sends a message that you can no longer get on the internet and be, say, or do, anything you want in anonymity. Because of this case, you will now be found and dealt with!

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-J.C. Brooks


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