Reveals Johnny Depp’s African American Heritage

Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.
Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.

Henry Louis Gates’ show African American Lives has revealed to a lot of African American celebrities, with the exception of Oprah, that they have family roots that are directly connected to white slave masters, abolitionists, as well as native americans.

In the new version of the Lone Ranger that is presently in theaters, Johnny Depp portrays the dynamic native american sidekick, Tonto.  But, ironically, Depp, who has claimed native american heritage in the past, found through, that he does not have native american roots, but notable African American ancestry, according to the Afro.

“New research revealed the actor is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Key, an African-American former slave who worked within the law to win her freedom on July 21, 1656, the heritage website said.”


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-J.C. Brooks


11 thoughts on “ Reveals Johnny Depp’s African American Heritage”

  1. Johnny Deep that looks just like a native american indian, who was picked to play “Tonto,” is not a Native American? So now he has African American heritage? HAHA! That is a bunch of bull shit! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who come up with that. I bet whoever started this blog is an African American.

  2. Im half african american and half creek native american…my skin color is a brownish gold color and i have straight black hair(Cut short). Johnny Depp looks more like he is half French/half native american or half white/half native american. Definately not african american.

  3. I’m African-Amwrican and so is my community. I haven’t heard any of my neighbors just dying to claim him as one of our own. Soon as you hear these fake-ass A-A bragging about their American Indian rooots many are just trying to moon walk from their African-American heritage. Keep on moon walking Tonto, the Long Black Ranger has given you your termination papers. Fanteeking, Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa

  4. Wow, people are beyond racist. He does have remote African ancestry. Why does that scare you? Many European Americans claim to have Native ancestry, some do. Others were pretty much the progeny of African Americans that were passing. It really does a number on your head, given social acceptability of the time and fear of persecution. Why don’t you just accept the fact that 1/3 of individuals in America that self-identify as European American have recent West/ Central African admixture. You might fine this uncomfortable, but deal with it. America is a melting pot now move on.

  5. Yes, indeed. Many whites in America paid money to have their name put on the Dawes roles in order to cash in on Native American incentives given by the US government. Most of the people did NOT have an ounce of Native blood, but they had the money to make it happen. Others claimed to have a Native ancestor, but really that ancestor was a person of African blood. A lot of the same happens in the black community. A lot of times there isn’t a lot of Native blood, but instead its a whole lot of European blood. The Natives were practically wipped out. It doesn’t make sense for everybody and their Mama to claim Native blood. Some have it yes, but the majority (black and white) don’t. Now, people from Central America… That’s another story.

  6. This does it me and because this is clearly sabotage to promote some ones agenda.

  7. So much haters.Things have changed in this society today! It doesnt have anything to do with his colour or his hair but its what makes him.Johnny Depp is multiracial because he is of Turkish/Native American and African American he claims so himself. You cannot change what makes a person because its what you think.ERROR! He’s from the 3 main continents. Turkey:Europe, Native Americans who came from Peru which is in Asia and African-americans who are from Africa.His dad is a reddish gold skin tone so that explains it so bye haters!

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