Jokey Joke: OWN’s Golden Sisters Learn How to Twerk?! (Video)

The OWN network's Golden Sisters learn how to twerk.
The OWN network’s Golden Sisters learn how to twerk.

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel started out in a struggle for ratings, but now that she has taken up with Tyler Perry and Iyanla Vanzant she’s back in the black, so to speak.  But one of her pseudo reality shows is giving us a laugh that we so desperately need right now.

The Golden Sisters are three sisters from Brooklyn that have retired to Florida and gained popularity by learning how to use different social media sites like Twitter and recording their experiences.  Their hilarious relationship garnered Oprah’s attention and thus scored them a show.  But, now they are going too far! Twerking has become their latest fascination after they saw a Miley Cyrus’ video where she performs the popular dance.

golden sisters twerk-watch
The Golden Sisters watch Miley Cyrus twerk in one of her videos and it sparks their interest in learning the dance themselves.

They challenge one another to learning the dance and all of them belive they can pull it off…and they do! In a hilarious edited video, you will see them get their twerk on and even drop it like it’s hot. You go girls!

Check them out!

-J.C. Brooks


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  1. I love these ladies thank u Oprah for them they make me laugh when I am sad keep these cute ladies please thank u!!

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