Disgusting New Trend Called ‘Trayvoning’ Gaining Popularity


The most disgusting racist jokes are surfacing since the George Zimmerman verdict.  The racists coming up with this stuff are the very same people who would call Trayvon a suspect when they choose to portray themselves as animals.

Trayvon Martin’s name and reputation has been dragged through the mud by racists supporting George Zimmerman and now they have even taken to making a joke of his murder.  Young white men have been seen taking pictures of themselves laying down in the same posture Trayvon was found in the night of his death. For some reason, in their underdeveloped brains, his life and death is a joke. A very sick joke.

These young men should be stood up and placed in a line-up so everyone can see their cowardly faces and know them as enemy #1.  These are some of the most dangerous men in America.  They have aggression that Trayvon Martin never had. According to the Daily Mail, the posting of these pictures are a result of a picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body aired on Friday during the coverage of George Zimmerman’s murder trial.

Not only do these young white teens lay down on the ground in the same position as Trayvon, but in an act as barbaric and apathetic as Zimmerman’s choice to kill Trayvon Martin, they add Skittles, an iced tea, and in some photos a hoodie.

As Antoine Dodson would say, “hide your kids” because these are the type of young men that are capable of ANYTHING!

Read the report here.

-J.C. Brooks


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