Honor Student Beaten By Police in Illinois Denny’s Seeks Justice

Gabriella Calhoun tells a disturbing story of police brutality that she survived in a Bloomington, Illinois Denny's.
Gabriella Calhoun after being subjected to police brutality that she fortunately survived in a Bloomington, Illinois, Denny’s.

With the George Zimmerman trial coming to a close, it’s important that we continue to keep his criminal injustice and cases like his alive in the public arena as well as in the face of our Supreme Court.

Another case brewing in Illinois is a deplorable case of police brutality as it was explained by the victim, a Wiley College honor student Gabriella Calhoun. A night out with friends rapidly became violent when they were eating at a Denny’s where a couple of girls got into a fight outside the restaurant.  Once Denny’s called police, they ushered the girls back inside the restaurant to get cleaned up in the bathroom, but the fight ensued inside the restaurant and one of the young men seated at Calhoun’s table was somehow mistaken to be a part of the melee’.  The rest is unfathomable.

Gabriella Calhoun suffered several chipped teeth as she was hit in the head with a police officer's baton.
Gabriella Calhoun suffered several chipped teeth as she was hit in the head with a police officer’s baton.

As Calhoun tried to convince the police of her friend’s innocence, she was knocked to the ground with a baton to the head.  According to Opposing Views:

“Calhoun followed the police and her friend, but was suddenly knocked unconscious by a female officer who hit her in the head with a night stick.

“I awoke spitting my teeth out on the ground,” claims Calhoun. “When I came to, the officer begin to choke me again.  When I was finally able to talk, I asked the officer to please let me go because I have asthma, but she said, ‘I don’t care if you have asthma. You were hitting my officer.’”“Afterward, the officer kept saying over and over again, ‘how was your party’ as she held my face to the ground.”

Calhoun’s friend, Lynia Cooper, felt that the incident was a case of racial profiling as none of the other patrons were made to leave the restaurant.

“I think this is racial profiling not only by the Bloomington police department, but also by Denny’s. Nobody else in Denny’s had to leave except the African Americans in that area.”

Now it is up to us to bring her story to light because the major networks and/or media sites are not paying attention.  Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote an eloquent report on the incident and has planned to meet with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton about the incident.  According to Watkins report:

“I am fully supporting Gabriella and her family in their quest to pursue justice.  Her mother told me that when she sought help for her child, all of the civil rights organizations she reached out to ignored her calls.  Now, since the word is out, they are starting to call her back.  This makes me happy, and I pray that it sends a clear signal to the Bloomington Police Department that you can’t treat our kids like animals, and if you do, we’ll have your job.”

Read more here and spread the word!

-J.C. Brooks



9 thoughts on “Honor Student Beaten By Police in Illinois Denny’s Seeks Justice”

  1. Trayvon and Gabriella are not victims of injustice. They both threw punches when confronted. What is so hard about learning to keep your hands to yourself? You can’t just go off and punch someone, especially a cop.

  2. Dave, I’m sorry, but were you reading a different story than I was? Never once did the young lady state that she took a swing at an officer. She was knocked unconscious by an officer. Also, G. Zimmerman was NOT a cop or authorized law enforcement.

  3. Monica, Gabriella already admits she attacked an officer. Gabriella and her boyfriend were the ones who organized a party that drew 200 people at the nearby Lucky Dragon restaurant and it was that group that was fighting outside in the parking lot where a stabbing took place. Whatever happened inside Denny’s is caught on video including Gabriella obstructing police and striking a female officer while other patrons were also moving in on the police. That’s why she was arrested and indicted by a grand jury. Some of these stories are getting out of hand. She was never in a coma, she did not lose any teeth although they are chipped, and her life is not changed forever except now she has to answer to a judge why she punched an officer. Trayvon and Gabriella would both be fine if they had not attacked anyone. George Zimmerman was crying for help when Trayvon was attacking him. That’s caught on the 911 tape and verified by an independent witness. It would have been a non-incident if Trayvon had not gone back and attacked Zimmerman. That’s not how to handle situations. Keep your hands to yourself or face the consequences.

  4. Dave, I’m clearly not understanding your statements about two victims. I too have been following the Zimmerman trial and a reasonable person can conclude, based upon the evidence presented, that Trayvon Martin could not reasonably have went for Mr. Zimmerman’s gun. It was physically impossible. Based upon supporting evidence, Trayvon Martin had every right to defend himself against a strange man that is following him. Hence, that means throwing a punch to defend himself. I am not biased, just a reasonable person utilizing common sense. Good luck to Gabriella and her quest for justice, if evidence supports or refutes her story, it will soon be revealed Dave. Your statements are assumptions.

  5. Tracy, can you hear the cries for help on the 911 calls? Those are coming from GZ after being jumped by Trayvon. GZ was defending himself. Trayvon never had a right to jump GZ even if he thought he was being profiled. Trayvon took it to the next level (violence) and suffered the consequences. Gabriella seems like a nice young woman but extremely foolish for striking an officer. That’s never going to end well.

  6. Well you all, it seems like Dave was standing next to GZ when the altercation occurred. Since he knows EXACTLY what happened and seems to know who threw the first punch and their reasoning behind it! Smh. Dave grow up and please post facts and not assumptions because it only make you look uneducated, biased and dumb!

  7. Video is not released but the mayor is claiming it shows her attacking the cop . Only after it’s out should this level of hysteria be supported or shunned. Getting everyone all hyped up prior to an investigation or release of facts proves who truly is a fake civil rights advocate. Seems no lesson was learned from former false flamed up stories like Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse accuser.

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