Jokey Joke: Deon Cole Has Problems with CNN’s Panel for N-Word Discussion (Video)

Deon Cole takes on CNN's N-word debate on his show Deon Cole's Black Box on TBS.
Deon Cole takes on CNN’s N-word debate and why they chose Levar Burton for the panel as well as other “errors” he found with the debate on his show Deon Cole’s Black Box on TBS

As you may have guessed, comedians have more than their fair share of material to work with these days.  The events in the news get more and more foolish, thus comedy-worthy, by the day.

But even with all of the endless topics available, the N-word debate seems to never get old.  Comedian Deon Cole of Deon Cole’s Black Box on TBS, was quite upset with, not  the use of the word, but the panel CNN chose to use for the examination of the word.  Panel members for the discussion were Marc Lamont Hill, Wynton Marsalis, Safiya Songhai, and Levar Burton to discuss which is more offensive, cracker or the n-word as this controversy was sparked during the George Zimmerman trial.

We reported on the CNN special last week, “N Word vs. ‘Cracker’: Which is Worse?”  Cole went in on Levar Burton for being a part of the panel as Burton described how he explained to his son how to interact with law enforcement if pulled over.  But Cole is not convinced that Burton has any street cred left after doing the “Reading Rainbow”.

“You brought out Levar Burton?! To talk about the n-word?! You mean, Levar Burton from this show?!” as the camera pans over to an episode of The Reading Rainbow.

The host of the special, Don Lemon, asked his panel “The N-word vs. Cracker.  Are the two words equally as bad?”

“Are they equally as bad?! Well, which one is abbreviated, motherf*****?!  I see a ton of Cracker Barrel’s but how many Nigger barrels do you see?”

Check him out! Cole is hilarious!

-J.C. Brooks


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