Texas Executes 500th Death Row Inmate Kimberly McCarthy

Kimberly McCarthy, 52, is the 500th inmate to be executed on Texas' death row, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.
Kimberly McCarthy, 52, is the 500th inmate to be executed on Texas’ death row, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

Texas is known for having a no nonsense approach to their inmates on death row.  They ensure that those convicted and placed on death row are indeed dealt their punishment without a lengthy ride on death row.

Kimberly McCarthy, 52, was executed by a lethal injection of pentobarbital, Wednesday, June 26, and pronounced dead at 6:37 pm.  She was on death row for the brutal 1997 murder and robbery of her 71-year-old neighbor, retired professor Dorothy Booth. We reported in January that she had received a reprieve from death at that time because, according to her attorney, a predominantly white jury was “improperly selected on the basis of race.”  Out of 12 jury members, 11 of them were white.

But no one really cared that she was the 500th member of the infamous group of death row inmates to die in Texas yesterday.  Her daughter Donna Aldred, read a statement to reporters, saying that her mother “was an incredible person who was taken before her time.”

The family members who lost their loved one at McCarthy’s hands said:

Five-hundred is “just a number. It doesn’t really mean very much,” said Randall Browning, who was Booth’s godson. “‘We’re just thinking about the justice that was promised to us by the state of Texas.”

But many proponents working to kill the death penalty want to see it end as botched investigations and wrongful convictions continue to roll in.  According to the Huffington Post, approximately 40 protesters gathered, carrying signs saying,

“Death Penalty: Racist and Anti-Poor,” “Stop All Executions Now” and “Stop Killing to Stop Killings.” As the hour for the execution approached, protesters began chanting and sang the old Negro spiritual “Wade in the Water.”

McCarthy is one of only 13 women executed in the U.S. and the fourth to be executed in Texas.  They don’t play down there!  What do you think about the death penalty?  Should states end the practice or get it done faster?

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-J.C. Brooks


4 thoughts on “Texas Executes 500th Death Row Inmate Kimberly McCarthy”

  1. It’s about damn time. This monster has been on death row, for what, twenty years? Why does it take so long to to give these lowlifes their dirt nap? She should’ve been executed way before now.

    Kimberly Mc Carthy was a 30-something year old drug addict strung out on crack. She pretended to need a cup of sugar from her 71-year old neighbor and when the elderly woman turned her back, Kimberly attacked the woman stabbing her to death. There’s DNA evidence which links her to 2 more deaths of elderly white females.

    Kimberley’s obsession w/ killing white ppl stems from her crack addiction AND the fact that her ex-husband is the leader of the militant and radical New Black Panther Party. Her and them are exploding powder kegs. Those panthers only goal in life is to kill EVERY white person on the planet.

    Somebody oughtta kill them.

  2. Allow me to clarify that last sentence. It should read: Somebody oughtta kill them black panthers. And since they hate whites, I think white ppl should have the pleasure.

  3. BTW, the death penalty’s not racist nor anti-poor. IT’S ANTI-CRIMINAL. NO MATTER THE RACE. Black criminals say shit like “anti-poor” and “racist” about anything, like prison/death row b/c that’s where their black asses end up when they get caught breaking the law.

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