Should We Prepare to Pay More to Verizon and AT&T?


The cell phone industry is sucking most of us dry because we are enamored by the apps and shiny new phones that have really become the new laptops.  And you knnnoooooowwww, we have to have the best service to go with the best phone because only the best service offers the best phones…right?

According to cellular service analysts, we will be taking a long look at our bill and asking ourselves that very question.  The focus is on AT&T and Verizon specifically because they have a “duopoly” on the cell phone world.  Between the two of them, they service 65 percent of the wireless customers in the U.S., but, they are always seeking more customers. According to a report to the Huffington Post from mobile analyst Tero Kuittinen, this year, they had a whopping 60 percent drop in new customers since last year at this time which will likely increase the future bills for existing customers to make up for the loss.

“They don’t have much choice but to increase revenue from existing subscribers, which obviously from a consumer point of view sucks,” Kuittinen told The Huffington Post.

Kuittinen is vice president of Alekstra, which is an advocate for reducing company phone bills. Obviously, other cell phone carriers are not giving AT&T and Verizon the proper competition, but a raise in fees might change that.  Kuittinen gives the example of AT&T’s new “Mobility Administrative Fee” they started charging last month.  Do you know that the 61 cents they charge is an additional $775 million annually for AT&T?  Yeah, make sure you get your change at the convenience store. Stop leaving that penny behind because it adds up and they know it!

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-J.C. Brooks

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