Tracee Ellis Ross Answers Her Hair Lovers with Video on ‘Hair Love’ (Video)

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We all are guilty of coveting someone’s stuff.  We want his car, her purse, her shoes, his job, on and on and on.  But one of the most arguably highly coveted things is someone else’s hair.

Believe it or not! Both men and women, have issues with hair, especially African American women. So it’s really not surprising that women were after our favorite Girlfriend, Tracee Ellis Ross, for her luxurious big hair.  The daughter of the Supreme Diana Ross, also has a white father, that gives her a fusion of tresses that she admits she once “hated.”

But, there are those that have put together a meme online celebrating her hair saying,”That moment you realize you don’t have Tracee Ellis Ross’s Hair!” accompanied by a photo of a little black girl crying in a doorway. She found it humorous, but she was also compelled to tell her hair story.

Tracee Ellis Ross talks "Hair Love".
Tracee Ellis Ross talks “Hair Love”.

“First thing I want to say is, thank you.  I genuinely am honored and tickled and excited by the fact that people like my hair…” But she goes on to say, “I don’t want you to want my hair. The reason I don’t want you to want my hair is I’m of the school of love what you got. For me, the reason my hair was such a battle was because I was trying to make it something it wasn’t. I wanted the hair that somebody else had.”

This same issue hit home with comedian Chris Rock, who found the dilemma impacted his own daughters exploring the issue of “good hair” and thus inspired him to produce the movie “Good Hair”.  Ross feels that everyone should embrace their locs and she’s thankful that more of us have because she’s found ways to tackle her own hair (probably using YouTube natural hair videos).

Check out what she has to say.  Hair love leads to self love.

-J.C. Brooks

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