Happy Father’s Day with ‘Black Gold’ (Video)

happy fathers day esperanza spalding black gold2013

Father’s day is upon us and we are ready to celebrate all of the fathers hanging in there with their children and providing the guidance and support needed to produce a dream team of young men and women.

Fathers tend to get the short end of the stick on their day when you compare it to the celebration of Mother’s Day.  But African American fathers really get a bad rap and are pushed to the bottom of the fatherhood totem pole throughout the year and on their day.  But we want to remind our little people that their fathers are equally important to their development as their mothers…and what better way to remind them than with a history lesson.

To also continue in our celebration of Black Music Month, we are happy to celebrate both with Esperanza Spalding’s Black Gold.  Her beautiful video and song reminds all of us that our heritage is one of strength, royalty, and the first civilization…and our fathers are instrumental in our very beginnings in this world.

So to our African American Fathers…this one’s for you.  We salute you!   And Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers making a positive difference in their child’s heart and soul every day.


-J.C. Brooks
“Black Gold” -Esperanza Spalding


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