Young Boys’ Vulgar Rap Video About Gay Oral Sex Causes Controversy (Video)


Young black boys rapping about giving "blow jobs" hit the internet with fury and controversy through Tj Sotomayor's YouTube channel.
Young black boys rapping about giving “blow jobs” hit the internet with fury and controversy through Tj Sotomayor’s YouTube channel.

At this point, we realize in today’s society that more people than ever before are more open about their sexuality.  But society has never been comfortable (and probably never will be) about young people and sex, open or not. But to top it off with young people who are gay that choose to RAP ABOUT HAVING ORAL SEX! This is bound to cause trouble…and it has.

Since the NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay, others have found the courage to step forward and be themselves. But a group of young boys who taped themselves making a vulgar video about gay oral sex has hit the internet and the controversy is off and running.  One guy who is a popular commentator on YouTube that goes by Tj Sotomayor even blamed their black mothers for their display. Really? The caption he placed under the video to start the discussion reads:

Teen Boys Rap About Blowing Domes! Is Homo-Thuggin The New Trend?

But the response to Sotomayor’s bitter tirade about black mothers taking all the glory when the child does something great and then blames the father when things go bad, was worse than that.  According to, a commenter with screen name Dwith2eez responded to Sotomayor’s discussion saying:

What people need to realize these single black mothers are the reason why these black kids are gay these black mothers bring different men in the house and a lot of the men they bring in are child molesters in disguise when u see a kid 12 or 13 years old saying he’s gay 9 times out of 10 he has been molested by a adult male and when a young black kid come out as a gay the black mother is his biggest cheerleader because black women want their sons to be gay this was weird as shít to me.”

So as you can see, the discussion was initiated on a ridiculous opinion which snowballed into something more unusually ignorant.  To Sotomayor’s defense, he started off saying that he doesn’t have anything against someone’s sexuality, but the commenter takes it another step further with blaming these kids obviously gay lifestyle on their single black mothers.

From our observation of the post of the video on Facebook, most are split on the issue of black single mothers being the culprits behind the boy’s actions.  NaturallyMoi reported their lyrics which go like this:

Sucking on a díck fast, I never do it slow. Everybody know ’cause my job is to blow.” Closing the freestyle session, one boy summons the others by shouting “Ay look, Drake voice!” The other boys instantly begin chanting “Started from the díck now we here! Started sucking díck now we’re sucking on your pubic hair!” to the tune of Drake’s popular “Started From the Bottom” record.”

We want to hear from you.  What are we blaming the parent for when it comes to these kids, they’re homosexuality or vulgarity or both?  It appears that the criticism suggested by Sotomayer and his commenters is that if these kids had fathers at home, they wouldn’t be gay and bragging about it in vulgar raps.  True?

Check out the video below.

-J.C. Brooks


6 thoughts on “Young Boys’ Vulgar Rap Video About Gay Oral Sex Causes Controversy (Video)”

  1. Who didn’t see this coming? People pay millions to see and listen to the likes of Lil Wayne, JZ, Lil KIm, Beyoncé, Nicki Minage, Madonna, Rihanna – the list goes on, perform acts of vulgarity of some kind, be it physical or verbal on a regular basis. People, young and old have become so desensitized to the sewage these “stars” spew that the don’t even smell it anymore. Their goal is to make as much money off of the public as possible. Not to be role models to our children. That’s the parent’s job. But then you see grown men walking around with sagging pants, asses hanging out, women with multi-colored fake hair, exposed body parts and trying their best to imitate the trash they see on tv. So now the young people have no one to guide them. What they learn is coonery, buffoonery and tomfoolery is how you get rich. My question is what did we think was going to happen when we have the parents supporting and emulating this foolishness? It’s only going to get worse.

  2. I absolutely agree with what Kay posted! Parents are not giving their kids any guidance, no food for thought, and not an ounce of belief in a higher power, so what did we expect. I won’t say its too late but I can say I am so glad I chose not to have children. That does not mean I am not affected, disgusted, disturbed, and disappointed by what I see, it just means I don’t have to be embarrassed about a child of mine cutting the fool like these little boys.

  3. It’s amazing to me how the black community is always condoning and repping bottom feeding behaviour and as soon as we start to see what we created, we start placing blame everywhere.

    This isn’t one person’s fault, this is the whole black community’s fault. We lift up drug dealers, we lift up rappers who talk about nothing but f@[email protected], sucking and killing, our men LIVE in strip clubs, wifing up women who not only take their clothes off for money, but do every thing else for money as well. We tease our people when they are actually educated and express themselves as such and the audacity of the BLACK MALE to blame the black woman for this while they ass scatter like ROACHES when they find out they are about to be fathers!

    We should be ashamed at what we’ve become and what we have allowed our children to become!

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