Agreement in Mississippi Schools Sets Standard for Nation to Keep Black Students Out of Jail

school to prison stopped

Do you remember when you could have a fight on the playground at school without law enforcement being called in? How about when you would wear something outside the school dress code and you didn’t have to worry about being suspended? Well, there are too many schools that involve extreme disciplinary action in their way of maintaining order in their schools…including bringing in police.

In Meridian, Mississippi schools that should no longer be a problem with the implementation of an agreement between the city and the Justice Department that breaks the “School-to-Prison Pipeline,” according to Color Lines.  As of March, the schools are no longer allowed to suspend for the most trivial offenses because of the agreement.  The majority of suspensions had been disproportionately given to black students.

The overwhelming submersion of African American children in Meridian into the judicial system has continued and fortified a disturbing trend of fear, in not only that city, but between the police department and the black community as a whole.  Some schools reported arrests of black children as young as 10 years old that were sent to juvenile facilities.  This is reprehensible behavior that should be protested every single day until it is brought to an abrupt halt.

The African American community has been bullied and denied proper services by the police department throughout the history of this country and the prayer is that this is the beginning of exposing and ending this trend.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks


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