BMM Spotlight: Laura Mvula is the New British Soul

Laura Mvula
Laura Mvula

Some artists make you jump up and dance at first listen to their music.  It frees you from the stresses of your day and transports you either into wonderful past days or gives you vision for a brighter tomorrow.

Laura Mvula’s music is a refreshing celebration of black music that we haven’t seen in some time.  She makes you dance, but she also pumps you with pride and admiration for black culture.  The soul sister hails from Birmingham, England.  She trained at the city’s Conservatoire.

Her music like “Green Garden” makes you want to start over.  Whatever you’ve been doing can be revived and done better.  Her song “She” celebrates women’s struggles evolving from a child to a woman in the difficult navigation necessary for little black girls who Rock!

Check out her music for yourself.  It’s a blessing from beginning to end.  She will surely be around for years to come.  Her new album “Sing to the Moon” dropped in March.  Take a listen. You will thank us!

-J.C. Brooks

“Green Garden”


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